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The Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Fashion

Whether you’re throwing peace signs at Coachella, kickin’ up your cowboy boots at Stagecoach or rockin’ rainbow colored locks at EDC; if you’re going to a music fest this year, you know the one thing reigns supreme – music festival fashion. While each of these festivals may gravitate (some more so than others) to certain styles, the main theme stays the same: light, comfy, and oh-so trendy. No matter if you are livin’ it up pool-side in a Palm Springs mansion, roughin’ it on a dirty Bonnaroo campsite or getting lost through a neon glowing Electric Forest, below is your ultimate guide to music festival fashion.

A day at the pool

So you’ve landed one of those coveted spots on a pool party guest list. Of course you won’t be spending the entire day here (unless maybe you’re at Ultra)…the point of a music fest is, well, the music. But while you are splashing around at the Lollapalooza rooftop pool party or in a glamorous Coachella valley watering hold, you’re going to want to make sure your outfit, namely your bathing suit, is on point.

The Inspiration

The Suit


The Cover Up


The Accessories


Relaxing in the campground

For the rest of us commoners who have resorted to the less lavish lifestyle (I actually prefer the camping experience), your campsite music festival fashion doesn’t need to be quite as glossy (but by all means, you do you). Before you hit the music filled fields of Bonnaroo or as you explore the camping city of Burning Man, I recommend keeping your outfit as stylishly comfortable as possible – it gets very hot sitting between all those parked cars roasting in the sun.

The Inspiration

The Top


The Bottom


The Accessories


Chillin’ stage-side

You’ve finally made it to the actual fest – the place where the magic really happens. In the lush wooded landscape of Firefly, amongst the countless stages of SXSW or parked on the grassy hill of Governor’s Ball, when you’re actually frolicking around the music grounds, this is where your music festival fashion matters most. Don’t be afraid to go a little extra over the top with your outfit (mix patterns, overload the accessories) – this is probably one of the only chances you’ll get to really go “all out” with showing off your sense of style.

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The One Piece


The Ensemble


The Accessories


Getting your country on

Are you the Stagecoach enthusiast; the country loving lady who’d rather spend her weekend dolled up in daisy dukes and tied up flannels? Whether we find you at the CMA Festival or Country Thunder…we know one thing’s for certain – don’t forget your boots.

The Inspiration

The Top


The Bottom


See Also

The Accessories


Late night dance parties

At most of these music fests, there are always the late night EDM dance parties (and of course, some music fests that are solely dedicated to electronic dance music). From Electric Zoo to TomorrowWorld to a Sahara tent at Coachella –  you’re going to want to look the part. That means tons of neon, lots of accessories and an onslaught of originality. If you prefer not to go too over the top – try pairing neutral colors with more vibrant ones; a cutout black crop top could go perfectly with a colorful maxi skirt with side slit, or a multicolored bikini top with black ruffled, high-waisted shorts.

The Inspiration

The Suit


The Outfit


The Accessories


The long ride home

Just because the parties over doesn’t mean it’s time to give up that music festival fashion sense you’ve worked so hard to show off. Yes, you will be exhausted. Yes, you will be in the beginning stages of your “come down.” Yes, the drive (or plane ride) home is going to suck. But your outfit doesn’t have to (a cute tee, comfy leggings and beanie to cover up that 3-day-unwashed hair). Plus, who knows who’s going to be snapping photos throughout the journey.

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