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The Ultimate Guide To Eating at UConn

There are nine dining halls at the UConn Storrs campus! It’s basically a city, so these options are so great and necessary. All dining halls typically have the same sections: salad, drinks, soups, grill items, and entrees. From my experience of being an on campus student, I’ve determined my top 5 residence dining halls on campus and perfect off campus spots to order from! This article in no way undermines anyone else’s opinions and thoughts.

5. Putnam Dining Hall

The main thing I always loved about Putnam dining hall was the proximity of the building to my room when I lived in Garrigus Suites, as well as the omelet bar. I would always look forward to the omelet bar every morning and getting it made special to my specific order by a friendly cook! I was never disappointed. The rest of the food is pretty average and the space was not so great, seating wise. Putnam is brand new this coming fall semester, so it’ll look different, could have new staff and possibly even better food. I’m looking forward to seeing and tasting everything!

4. Northwest Dining Hall

Northwest dining hall is a bit small, but the food was normally very good. Since the dining hall is small, they do not have a large selection. I like the quality of the food, but I don’t like that I do not get too many options. It’s a great spot if you live in the North Campus area!


3. South Dining Hall

South dining hall is one of the bigger dining halls at Uconn, because of the amount of students housed in that area. It’s often heard as a lot of students’ favorite dining hall. I think it’s pretty good, but it’s not my favorite. It has the basic same choices all dining halls usually have, but the few areas that have different choices every day, like the entrée section and the fusion section that usually has international style food, normally does not disappoint. It’s a great size, convenient location close to the middle of campus, and it’s got great food.


2. McMahon Dining Hall

McMahon dining hall has great food choices and an excellent and popular omelet bar. If you haven’t noticed, I love omelets. The line for the omelet bar is usually long during popular eating hours like 8-10am. You have to know the right time to go if you want a short line! They definitely do not disappoint with their omelets. Their cooks are great and fun. Even though it can be a little annoying to carry many plates for different food options, the food is delicious at McMahon and this dining hall tries to be international, as well, since it houses international students in this building. It’s also convenient that this dining hall is close to South, so you have two dining hall options if you live near McMahon or South campus!

1. Towers Dining Hall

Towers is my favorite dining hall at Uconn because the food is delicious and I’ve literally never had a bad meal there. My first year on campus they had an absolutely delicious omelet bar and great breakfast, especially if you were of age and needed a hangover cure with good food. It’s got a good amount of room for seating, great spot by the cows and the dairy bar, and I’ve had some delicious chicken, too! Even though it’s across campus from my room in South, I sometimes drive there just to have a meal! I love it.


See Also

Off-Campus Eateries

Do you like pizza? Sgt. Pepperoni has some delicious pizza! I’ve also heard good reviews from Husky Pizza and Dominos.

How about Chinese food? Phoenix Chinese in Coventry, CT delivers to campus and I absolutely LOVE their food. It’s so good. There are also some Chinese options by Storrs Center.

Wings Over Storrs is a definite go to spot for a late night order if you’re in the mood for some to die for wings.

If you like cookies, Insomnia Cookies is also the way to go, and until 3am!! You honestly cannot go wrong with off campus eating. So many options to fill your tummy!


Where are your favorite places to eat on campus at Uconn? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Brittany Felicia Davis

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