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The Ultimate Guide To Eating At UCF

We’re pretty lucky to have great food here at The University of Central Florida. Food is a key ingredient to success at any university. Keep reading to get 9 great tips for when you’re hungry at UCF!

1. If you want a cheap snack, go to the Health Center.

Everywhere else on campus will charge you outrageous prices.

2. Hungry and don’t want to leave your room?

The on campus Dominos and Jimmy John’s delivers right to your door until 12AM.


3. The All Access + Dollars Meal Plan.

This meal plan is a whopping $1980 but it allows you to not only eat in the cafeteria, but at different places around campus. The cafeteria offers a grillin’ station, salad bar, desert, pizza, subs, and the Chef’s Special. The best place to eat from in there is definitely the grillin’ station. It offers hamburgers, fries, nuggets, etc. I’ve never been to the cafeteria for breakfast but I hear that the breakfast is better than lunch and dinner.

Tip: Check on UCF Dining Services website for more info.

4. Need a late “knight” snack and the Health Center is closed?

If you live in Academic village head over to the P.O.D. Market for a snack up to 1AM. Some items can be a bit pricey but beggars can’t be choosers.

5. If you can’t afford a meal plan or food…

Head over to Knight’s Pantry in Ferrell Commons and they will provide you with food without any questions.


6. Some of the dining choices offered at UCF are:

Chick-Fi-La, Einstein’s Bagels, Starbucks, Subway, Jimmy Johns, Asian Chao, Qdoba, and many more. This fall Chilli’s will be opening in the Student Union and more eateries are being built such as: Pollo Tropical, Café Bustello, Panda Express, and Steak and Shake. All of these eateries should be done by 2018/2019.

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7. Don’t eat the pizza in the cafeteria because it tastes like cardboard.

8. When nothing is good in the cafeteria go to the sub station.

You get to choose what goes on it so if it’s not edible it’s no one’s fault but your own.

9. You can eat at both cafeterias on campus.

’63 South and Knightros. Rumor has it that Knightros has the best food at UCF. It’s probably true because it’s on the side of campus where the athletes stay. If you like wings, head on over to Knightros for Wing Wednesday.


Where are your favorite places to eat on campus? Comment below and share the article!
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Laurie Jackson

Laurie Jackson is a student at the University of Central Florida (go Knights)! She is studying Elementary Education because she loves kids and want to make an impact on the community. In her spare time she blogs, shops, and spends time with her family.

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