Ultimate Guide to Eating On Campus at ASU

If you're having a tough time trying to figure out the Winthrop University Dining Hall,food and cafeteria situation,this is how you can make the most of it!

Whether your incoming freshman or finishing up your last semester of senior year, this is your mini guide to eating on campus/near campus at ASU! I`ll be dishing out my favorite places and how ASU dining works so keep reading!

1. Freshmen run away from the dining hall!

You would think since tuition is pretty pricey, the food at the cafeteria would be sensational right? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, the dining hall food is awful. Upper class-men (like me) will tell you to run away! Since the dining hall is like an all-you-can-eat-buffet you have to watch out for the freshmen 15! So what I suggest is instead of the dining hall food 24/7, buy yourself a mini fridge and go to the Wal-Mart on campus and try buying little snacks, fruits, and other items so you can survive freshmen year!

2. My gluten free sun devils!

So for all my gluten free sun devils, there are options for you too! If you are on campus looking for something to eat, there are many options! Head over to the Memorial Union building (MU) and you will find whatever your little heart desires. Qdoba, Engrained Café, Devils` Greens, Pei Wei, and the list goes on! Those restaurant all offer gluten free options.



3. For my junk food fanatics!

We all have to admit; since midterm papers and homework can be so stressful, we all every once in awhile just crave a big juicy burger right? Well luckily, ASU has an In-n-Out less than a mile away from campus! So if you ever feeling stressed out and just want to enjoy some nice junk food, head over to In-n-Out or even treat yourself and go to Mill Avenue to grab some amazing tacos at Fuzzy`s!


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4. Coffee loving Sun devils.

Waking up early for that final or just have an early class? Don’t worry, we got you! I decided to count all the coffee shops in Tempe, and in total there are fifteen coffee shops near ASU! So you have plenty of options! My ultimate favorite place to get coffee is Dutch bros! I really recommend Dutch Bros just because it’s absolutely amazing and keeps you up and not to mention they have lemon poppy seed muffins that are super yummy.



5. On the go?

Running late to work or a study group meeting? I recommend stopping at Earl of Sandwich! It is located north side of campus and they have absolutely great sandwiches! Same with Erbert & Gerbert`s sandwiches! Also both places do delivery with a very low delivery fee and sometimes even have specials for ASU students.

Well, there you have it sun devils! There is a mini guide to eating here at Arizona State University. Looking forward to seeing you all during the fall semester!

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Featured photo source: presleybohanan.wordpress.com