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The Ultimate Guide to Being Single at USC

The Ultimate Guide to Being Single at USC

For all of you who are wondering if it’s possible to be single during college, it is. Follow these guidelines and I guarantee you’ll have a memorable four years of college. That in mind, where are all my single ladies and gentlemen? Keep reading for 24 tips that will help you enjoy the single life at USC!

1. Treat yo’ self.

Want to buy yourself a cake? A dozen donuts? Thai food from T.G.’s? Do it. From the words on Tom and Donna, “Treat yo’ self!”

2. Party at The Row.

There’s never a shortage of parties at The Row. But remember to always go with a group of friends and use the buddy system.


3. Hit the gym.

Get your exercise at the Lyon Center, your dorm’s fitness center, Cromwell track, or create your own workouts throughout campus.

4. Hunt for the best study places.

My personal favorites: Bikini Hill, Doheny Library, and Parkside outdoor lounges.

5. Make new friends.

Introduce yourself to your dorm-mates, apartment-mates, classmates, and people you meet around campus. It’s always nice to go outside and spot a friendly face no matter where you are.


6. Hang out at Ground Zero.

Try their milkshakes, pastries, and flavors of the week. Also, check out their events, study nights, open-mics, and free concerts.

7. Enjoy the rooftops.

Talk to the upperclassmen and see what building roofs they recommend. (Quick tip: be careful DPS doesn’t catch you)

8. People-watch all you want.

Buy a coffee from the Trojan Grounds Starbucks, hang out at Bikini Hill and spend some time people watching.


9. Learn to cook.

Look for recipes and channel your inner Master Chef. Or invite friends over and figure out how to make those cookies you’ve always wanted to bake.

10. Join clubs.

Get involved in clubs. Make sure to stop by USC Involvement Fair and sign up for clubs that pique your interest, whether they are academic or recreational.

11. Volunteer!

Be a tutor, work with kids, help out at the local high school, or at local events.


12. Go to the weekly on-campus farmer’s market.

Get the freshest foods, juices, and tacos almost every Wednesday right on McCarthy Quad.

13. Do research.

Work in a lab alongside graduate students and professors. It’ll look great on your resume!

14. Intern!

Get an internship at the company of your dreams. The Trojan Family has networking connections all over the world so take advantage of it!


15. Join the marching band.

Always wanted to be part of the best band in the world? Our drumline guest-starred on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Watch their performance here.

16. Attend free events on and around campus.

Free concerts, Visions & Voices performances, lunches and more. Also, join the Facebook page.

17. Become a tutor or SI leader.

Do well enough in a class and the professor may ask you to be a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader. Or branch off on your own and tutor other students who are having trouble with courses you’ve already taken.

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18. Get a job.

Whether it is a work-study, off-campus, or on-campus job, having a few extra bucks always helps.

19. Play sports or join a sports team.

Football, golf, rugby, wrestling, soccer, baseball, track, etc. USC has an abundance of options; it’s hard to just settle on one or two!


20. Explore Los Angeles.

The Metro rail and Metro buses are an incredible way to get around Los Angeles. It’s even possible to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier, and The Grove all in one day!

21. Join USG.

Join student government to get a taste of the big leagues.

22. Take classes outside your major.

Design theory, ballroom dance, hip-hop, 3-D art, weight training? You may discover a hidden talent, so try as many as you can!


23. Become a note-taker.

You know you’re good at taking notes, so why not get paid for it? Apply to become a note taker here.

24. Focus on graduating!

You’ll survive the blood, sweat, and tears and get through everything that comes your way, but your ultimate goal is to earn a degree and graduate.

Your college career is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Live your life, discover who you are, explore the world, earn your degree, and graduate. Being single has nothing to do with your studies, and you can do anything you put your mind to.


Spread the word to all your fellow singles at USC!

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