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The Ultimate Grand Canyon University Bucket List

The Ultimate Grand Canyon University Bucket List

Four years at college flies by! Everyone wants to get the most fun out of them. Luckily, at Grand Canyon University, there’s plenty to do! From baseball games, to outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone. Keep reading for 12 things to cross off your Grand Canyon University bucket list!

1. Go to a basketball game.

Basketball games are a right of passage at GCU. Since we don’t have football, this is the next best thing and we love coming together to cheer on our lopes.

2. Grab a cone at Churn!

Churn is a cute little ice cream shop that brings together the sweetness of ice cream and the laughter of friends.


3. Dutch and Church.

If you’re a college student you love Dutch Bros, no question about it. If you go to GCU, chances are you go to a church no more than 15 minutes away from campus and no more than ten minutes from Dutch.


4. Hike Camelback Mountain.

Since we here at GCU are so big on the outdoors, why not hike the ever so popular Camelback Mountain?!


5. Go to the Grand Canyon!

Our school is named after The Grand Canyon, why not go see a giant hole in the middle of the Earth?

6. Go to a Diamondbacks game!

Two words, student pass. $5 tickets and $1 hot dogs. Say no more!


7. Watch the sunset from the top of a garage.

Our garages and four floored classroom buildings allow for a beautiful view of the sunset and it is the perfect moment for a photo op.

8. Pull an all nighter with your friends.

Whether it’s studying, or talking about that guy you have a crush on, staying up all night is essential to college. Grab some snacks and brew a cup of coffee. Or twelve!


9. Take a photo on Roosevelt Row.

Roosevelt Row is packed with a ton of street art that allows for you to express your creative side.

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10. Take a picture with Thunder.

He’s America’s favorite mascot, and you might get a really cute candid.

11. Eat at all the restaurants on Central Ave.

Central has a ton of amazingly delicious restaurants that are an absolute must do. It’s kind of a foodie bucket list in itself.



12. Take a palette from one of the many construction sites and turn it into something beautiful!

Here at Grand Construction University, your walk back to the dorms are never short of creative opportunities.

What’s on your Grand Canyon University bucket list? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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