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10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

Do you and your girls need a weekend away; some unwinding and bonding time ASAP. However, you and your girls aren’t sure where to go, well I’ve got you girls covered with my 10 top travel ideas, ideal for the ultimate girls weekend away!

1. Go Girl Glamping

There’s no doubt that glamping is a super fun weekend away but come on its even more fun when your girl gang is tagging along. With so many glamping places out there to choose from, it can be a hard decision to nail down which spot you girls will be heading too. My tip is to find a glamping spot that is ideal for the season you are going in. If the list is still too long go for a spontaneous weekend away and ¬†pull one out of the hat. Nothing screams girls weekend away than a bunch of comfy cushions to lounge around on in a little glamping getaway.

2. Hot Springs Weekend Stay

Now, this is definitely a weekend away idea for my girls who love to relax. A hot spring getaway allows you to relax your body and mind and soak up the warm water, whilst having a little bit of a gossip session with your girl pals. Talk about unwinding with the girls.

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

3. Stay The Weekend Away In A High- End Hotel

If you and your girl gang are ones who enjoy the finer things in life, why not spend the weekend away feeling like a Queen and stay at a high-end hotel for a few nights. From room service to buffet breakfasts, shopping trips and days spent at the beauty salon, you girls will be living the weekend away celebrity style.

4. Rent A House Near The Beach

Although this is a weekend away that would be better suited for in the summer if you and your girls still enjoy a walk down the beach in colder weather, why not go in winter too. There’s nothing like a girls getaway near a secluded beach, fresher air, beach hair, and your beach babes to keep you company.

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

5. Fly Interstate For A Little Weekend Getaway

So you and the girls not only want to escape reality for your weekend away but you all want to breathe some fresh air too. Well, I suggest boarding a plane or driving to another state, arriving in a new state will get you girls feeling like tourists. This idea of being tourists in another state will get your exploring hats on, and you’re sure to return home with many memories and a photo album of the state’s monuments.

6. Pitch Up That Tent

Okay, so I’ve already suggested glamping but maybe you and your girl pals are more into low key camping and exploring the outdoors for a little more adventure. If so, you girls should totally go camping, and why not choose to camp at a destination that has mountains, so you can all bond over some quality friendship time whilst mountain climbing on your weekend away.

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

7. Rent A Unique Airbnb stay

If you and your girl pals are looking for a unique weekend away and you girls love to spend quality time experiencing new things, then why not rent a unique Airbnb stay for the weekend away. Have some fun and stay in a tree house, after all, the world is your oyster.

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8. Escape To The Woods

So maybe you and your gal pals are looking for a quiet weekend away, well if so why not rent a cottage in the woods. Think of how peaceful it will be spending the weekend in the midst of nature, enjoying the friendship you’ve maintained over the years.

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

9. Stay Near Wineries

If you and your girls love to sip on a glass of wine or two, you girls need to go on a winery inspired weekend away. You could either stay at a winery that offers weekend away accommodation, or you could get a house in a place situated around a few wineries and winery swap during your weekend away. A weekend away filled with wine and pals, now that’s what I’m talking about.

10. Spontaneous Weekend Away

Lastly, I’ve included the spontaneous weekend away for my girls who love the wilder side of life. If you and your friends are up for wherever life takes you then you need to try a spontaneous weekend away, with an unplanned destination. Yep, that’s right no destination its wherever you girls end up, you could either just start driving and stop at random motels, or even take a caravan and stop at vacant campsites along the way. Whatever, wherever just go with the flow for the ultimate spontaneous weekend away.

10 Ultimate Girls Weekend Away Ideas

There you have it my top ten weekend away ideas you should try with your girl squad. Have another must try weekend away idea I’ve missed, comment in the section below.

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