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The Ultimate FSU Bucket List

Everyone has heard “time flies when you’re having fun,” but that saying most definitely rings true for Florida State students. These four years come and go in a flash, so you need to make the most of them while you can. Keep reading for some of the top parties, events, and Tallahassee food favorites that you need to experience (at least once) before you graduate from this Seminole nation. Don’t miss out on any of the excitement at FSU!


Campus Festivities

1. Seminole Sensational Week

This takes place the week before fall classes start, which means it’s usually a stress-free time of year to experience the fun things FSU has to offer. You won’t have to worry about any homework, essays, or exams. A few examples of events during this week include outdoor competitions, movies, Paint-a-Pot, and late night snacks.


2. The Rez

The Florida State University Reservation offers a number of free adventures for students, including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, among others. A visit to the Rez can turn any beach day from good to great!


3. Flying High Circus

FSU is one of only two colleges to own and conduct a student directed circus, which means this is a must see during your four years here. During the fall, they produce a Halloween themed show that surely keeps you on your toes. If you are interested in participating yourself, check out their tryout availability!

4. No Bears Allowed Improv

Do you enjoy laughing until your stomach hurts? If so, this improv club is the one for you. Based off the format of “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”, No Bears Allowed performs both short and long skits that are 100% improv. The shows are witty and hilarious, so if you go to one, you’ll most likely end up going back!

5. Relay for Life

Even if you aren’t used to volunteering, this fundraiser will still warm your heart. It helps raise money for cancer. In some ways, it’s like Dance Marathon, but at Relay you still have the option to actually sit down or take a 1 hour nap. Relay for Life is a must-do experience at FSU!

6. Pow Wow

Homecoming Pow Wow at FSU is an annual event hosted the night before our Homecoming football game. Filled with laughter and entertainment, this pep rally features performances from the Golden Girls, the Flying High Circus, Marching Chiefs, and special guests. Each year, the Student Government Association lines up a famous act (typically a musician or comedian).

7. President’s Ice Cream Social

Every year this event is held around the end of the spring semester on Landis Green. It’s one of the best ways to beat the Tallahassee heat! Come to enjoy all you can eat ice cream and cookies before it melts away.

8. Marching Chiefs During Half-Time

FSU has one of the best marching bands in the country! Sometimes their performances are even better than watching the games. The musical talent, passion, and energy is bound to impress you, since they’re so unique and entertaining.

Clubs & Annual Parties

9. White Trash Wednesday

This FSU club classic can be enjoyed during the first week of the fall semester and the last week of spring. Wear your best trashy outfit, pull out your cowboy boots, and go see some wild sights at the Strip.

10. Purgatory

Hosted every Thursday at Pots, also known as PotBellys, this location will be your go-to Thursday destination. Enjoy all you can drink till midnight…note: this event is called Purgatory for a reason. Please drink responsibly.

11. Annual Water Polo Pig Roast

The Pig Roast is the biggest party thrown by the water polo team annually, and it has been going on since 1999. Still going strong, the party usually includes around 400 pounds of pig meat, a mechanical bull, a live DJ, and more.

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Food Necessities

12. Momo’s Vs. Gumby’s

Tallahassee is home to two big pizza spots – Momo’s and Gumby’s. One sports the biggest pizza in town (and the classic thin and crispy slice), while the other offers a more doughy taste combined with their famous ranch dipping sauce.

13. Canopy Road Café

Canopy Road is one of the best breakfast and brunch places in town! It can wipe away or at least subdue any killer hangover. Definitely try the famous sweet potato pancakes; you won’t regret it.

14. Leave Your Mark at the Sweet Shop

This FSU favorite is located right across the street from Landis. It makes a great study spot and can satisfy any coffee needs. It’s also open until 11PM every day! While you’re there, make sure to leave your mark on one of the walls or booths.

15. “Monks” Bar & Grill

Home to some amazing burgers, this grill features some combinations that you might not expect to but will fully enjoy. One dish known as the “Lip Smacker” is a burger with bacon, peanut butter, and jelly; and it’s bound to satisfy any hunger.


16. Get a Hug from Mrs. Kipling at Suwannee

Mrs. Killings is one of the nicest employees at FSU. You truly haven’t experienced the school until you’ve received a hug and “I love you” from Mrs. Kipling. You can usually find her swiping in your meal card at Suwannee!


17. Be Thrown Into the Westcott Fountain for Your 21st

Getting thrown into the fountain is a tradition almost all FSU students experience when they turn 21. No matter the season of your birthday, you must be thrown in the fountain on that day. So make sure to bring a towel!

18. Take a Picture with the Garnet & Gold Guys

The Garnet & Gold guys are the unofficial mascots of FSU. You can find them throughout all the university’s major events. Just beware of how close you are to them when you take your photo…if you get their glitter on you, it’s almost impossible to take off.

Which of these ideas are you going to add to your FSU bucket list? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Tara Lawson-Corley is a junior at Florida State University. Her major is Retail Merchandising & Product Development with the goal of someday working for a fitness driven retail company such as ADIDAS or LuluLemon. Hopefully later on she will be able to own her own successful fitness boutique or at least that's the dream. Tara enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, reading numerous fashion magazines, and finding new and exciting ways to workout.

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