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Ultimate Freshman Guide To Halloween Weekend At Temple

Ultimate Freshman Guide To Halloween Weekend At Temple

There isn’t much to explain on how to have a good time, but there are four main things you should be aware of during Halloween weekend at Temple!

Halloween weekend at Temple is no doubt one of the wilder weekends. There’s something about the season that gets people really into it. Other than just getting decked out in different costumes, the weekend brings out the excitement in you as well since Thanksgiving and holiday break is close by. It’s also a weekend to express yourself and have three, sometimes four, days worth of this unique excitement. There isn’t much to explain on how to have a good time for this weekend but there are four main things you should be aware of during Halloween weekend at Temple, so keep reading to find out!

This is so helpful for anyone wondering about Halloween weekend at Temple!

Pick three costumes!

Halloween falls on a Monday this year (sadly) but that doesn’t make a difference with partying. You’ll need a different outfit for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Some people have a party the week before Halloween weekend at Temple, but it’s still fine to wear one of your three night outfits.

If you want to wear the same costume all three nights then feel free but for those who enjoy dressing up for this thrilling weekend, definitely take lots of pictures in different outfits.


Avoid things that can easily dangle.

Something like an angel costume is SO cute but the wings are a royal pain. I’m not going to tell you to NOT wear an angel costume because you get to decide whether or not you want to but be careful. I was an angel last year and walking into a frat party I bumped into a girl that was an angel warning me about her wings.

I had a ton of people bumping into them. Fortunately my wings stayed on and I still had a great night but they were pretty crooked.


I would watch out for things that have separate attachments, or try not to wear them at all if you can. It can easily get lost or destroyed without you even realizing it.

Be prepared for cold weather.

For some people this will make a difference for the weekend but to most people it wont. Since Halloween weekend is just days away from November, be prepared for unpredictable weather. It’ll either be a decent temperature or it might be freezing.

I know that isn’t going to stop the majority of you who want to wear limited clothing but be prepared for chilly winds.


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Head to the liquor store early.

Drink responsibility folks but definitely hit up Wine & Spirits a weekend or two before so you have plenty to drink for the weekend. On weekends such as these, the liquor store can be packed so its best to go earlier to avoid the line and have less suspicion if you’re using your fake.


Know where to party.

Pretty much every type of party scene will be throwing down a costume party that weekend and they’ll usually announce them beforehand. Sometimes TemplePartyOwl will say if it’s a costume or not on their social media but just in case text a friend who knows where the party is and if they’re letting people wear costumes.

But if they’re not it really isn’t a big deal if you show up in one. Even if you want to wear one to the bar, which some people do and some people don’t, GO ALL OUT.

What other tips do you have for Halloween weekend at Temple? Comment below and share the article!
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