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The Ultimate Freshman Guide to JMU Dining

The Ultimate Freshman Guide to JMU Dining

The Ultimate Freshman Guide to JMU Dining

One of the most important things a student can look into before they step foot on campus is the dining options and places to eat around campus. After all, everyone needs food! So why not be as informed as possible? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to JMU dining and eating on campus!

“How do JMU meal plans work?”

While living on campus, there are three different meal plan options you can choose from the 11-, 14-, and 19-punch meal plans.

Punch Meal Plans

The 11-punch meal plan gives you 11 punches to use a week. In addition to the punches, you get $425 Dining Dollars.


The 14-punch meal plan offers 14 punches to use per week. For this meal plan, you get $275 Dining Dollars.

Finally, the 19-punch meal plan gives you 19 punches per week. With this plan, you get $175 Dining Dollars.

The punch week starts on Sunday and it ends on Saturday. Each punch is equivalent to $7.00 at all locations except for Madison Grill where it is extended to $8.50. All of these meals plans are PER SEMESTER, so you get more Dining Dollars each semester (so don’t freak out when you run out in December).


Tip: Most people get the 14-punch plan, and if you do not pick a meal plan, you will get assigned to this one. I had this meal plan, and I had a hard time using all my punches every week. With all the meal plans, on any given day, you can punch two times before 3:30 and two times after 3:30.

“Where can I use my punches?”


This is JMU’s brand new all-you-can-eat dining hall located in the Village parking lot (it is a temporary dining facility until D-Hall can be rebuilt). There are also two take-out windows on the front of the building so you can get something and go.


This is located on East Campus. It is also an all-you-can-eat dining facility. A lot of students rave about E-Hall’s brunch, so you should probably go and check that out one weekend.



Located in the basement of Chandler Hall, this is an all-you-can-eat option, and it also offers carry-out for a punch as well. If you have a lot of back to back classes in Showker, this may be your number one dining option.

Top Dog Cafe

This dining facility is located in the top half of Phillips Hall. There are three different eating options that will take punches.

Grille Works

Here you can get burgers, sandwiches, and chicken nuggets/tenders.


Mongolian Grill

You can get dumplings, eggrolls, stir-fry and other Asian cuisine here.

Madison Bread

This option offers a variety of panini sandwiches and salads options.



PC Dukes

This is located in the bottom half of Phillips Hall. The food options in Dukes are:


Here you can get pizza, cheesy bread, calzones, and a stromboli. (You can also get a full pizza for two punches).


This is your location for Mexican cuisine. You can get burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, and more.



PC Sliders

You want boneless wings, sliders, wraps, and mac & cheese? Well this is your go to place for all these goodies.


Here you can create your own salad or pita (because we all need healthy options every once in a while).


Dukes Deli

This option includes made-to-order sandwiches with a wide variety of breads, cheeses, and meats.

Corner Bistro

This food option is located in Memorial Hall, and it has sandwiches, salads, and soups. This will be good for those two close classes in Memorial you may end up having because campus is a bit of a hike.

West End Deli

This option is also located in Memorial Hall. It offers made-to-order sandwiches, paninis, burgers, chicken tenders, and a different soup each day.


Bistro 1908

This is located on the second floor of the Student Success Center. It has two different food options:


There is a variety of pastas to choose from. You can also get pizza, too.




This has burgers, steaks, chicken, and sides. Be careful, though, because some of these meals will cost you more than a punch.

Festival Food Court

Located on the second floor of Festival, there is a variety of different food options to choose from.

Montague’s Deli – Here you can create your own sandwich from a wide selection of meat, cheese, and bread (unfortunately, there will be no Romeo waiting there for you).


Burger Studio – The name tells it all. This is where you can make a burger however you like it. They also offer chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers.

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Chopsticks – This is a dining location where you can find Sesame Chicken, egg rolls, dumplings, and stir-fry make with your preference of rice or noodles.



Cheeze Please – This is one of my favorite places to eat (and I didn’t know it existed until the second semester of my freshman year)! Here you can make your own grilled cheese sandwich from a variety of different breads, cheeses, and “toppings” to put inside your sandwich (put mozzarella and bacon together, you won’t regret it).


Flats – This is a place I never got to (because of Cheeze Please), but it has a pizza dough bottom filled with different ingredients that you get to choose from.

Crepes – All I heard through FROG week was that you had to go to this place because the crepes are awesome, and I have to say, it’s true. Definitely try this place out!

Fresh – This is a made-to-order salad bar where you can customize your own salad (hooray for another healthy option).



Madison Grill

Here they serve classier food options. They have steaks, pasta, seafood, and other meals. As noted earlier, a punch here is worth $8.50 instead of the normal $7.00. It is located on the Fifth Floor of Warren Hall.



“So, which place is the best to eat?”

Below, given the information I have previously laid out, I am going to rank the dining location from best to worst. Keep in mind, this is totally subjective. You may love a place that I rank lower, but I am judging off of: 1. Personal experience, 2. Comments from fellow classmates, and 3. Diversity of foods.

  • Festival

  • D-Hub

  • E-Hall

  • Bistro 1908

  • Greens

  • PC Dukes

  • Top Dog

  • Corner Bistro

  • Madison Grill

  • West End Deli


“Where can I use my Dining punches?”

You can use your dining anywhere you can punch at. If your meal goes over $7.00, you can use dining to pay for the rest. You can also use dining at the following locations:

  • Chick-Fil-A

  • Dog Pound

  • Dunkin’ Donuts (all locations)

  • Grace Street Market

  • Fueled Food Truck

  • Java City at Festival

  • Auntie Anne’s at T.D.U.

  • Jemmy’s

  • Mister Chips (on food items)

  • O.D. Express (all locations)

  • Smoothie Bar at UREC

  • Starbucks (all locations)


What are some other important things for freshmen (or any other students for that matter) to know about JMU Dining? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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