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The Ultimate Freshman Guide To Homecoming

The Ultimate Freshman Guide To Homecoming

Every freshman looks forward to their first college homecoming experience and wants to make it as memorable as possible! Although homecoming is very exciting, there are some things you need to know! So here’s a guide on how to do homecoming without doing too much!

1. Expect a lot of events to be happening that week.

Homecoming week is not only for students, but also for faculty and mostly alumni! Parties, socials, game nights are all part of homecoming week and it can be quite exciting!

2. Homecoming can be distracting.

Although there are plenty of fun events happening, it can become distracting and you can fall back on your schoolwork.



3. Expect a pop up quiz or exam during Homecoming Week.

Professors will most likely torture you with a quiz or exam and will put a damper on your spirits. Study hard before homecoming week so you won’t have to stress and enjoy the rest of your week.

4. Being involved in organizations can make HC more memorable.

Getting involved can give you a chance to meet new people, but it can make HC more fun. There will be most likely an event involving organizations and it can create memories that will last beyond your college years.

5. Get homework assignments done early.

This should be done regardless, but just so you can have fun and won’t be stuck in your dorm while your friends are enjoying the festivities.


6. Tailgating is overwhelming.

Homecoming game day is one of the most chaotic days and not just a regular football game day. There will be wayyyy more people and will be so much going on.

7. Getting food at tailgate won’t be a problem.

The best part of tailgating is all the food! Of course there are some who don’t offer food because it’s just for them, but there are organizations or people in general who will be giving out food.

8. Vote for HC court.

Although many of your peers who are running for homecoming court will be complete strangers to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t food for them. It’s part of the homecoming experience.


9. Dress the part on game day!

Game day is all about supporting the home team so finding a cute outfit in your school colors or just sporting your school on a t-shirt will help you feel the spirit!

10. Connect with alumni.

Sometimes you never know who you may meet, and talking with alumni can help you get connections in your field, which could lead to a job after graduation!

11. Take a picture with your school mascot.

There’s no perfect time than taking a picture with your school mascot at the most anticipated game of the football season.



12. There’s alcohol everywhere.

Many college students drink even if they’re underage, so if you drink during homecoming, please be responsible!

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13. Make new friends.

Even if you’re out with your normal group of friends, meeting other people during tailgate can always be fun!


14. Get to the game early.

The homecoming game is always the most crowded game of the season. If you get to the game after it starts, you’ll most likely not have a place to sit. Get there early so you can get a good view!


15. Enjoy it!

Your first college homecoming will always be your most memorable because it’s a new experience. Make the most of it and take lots of pictures!


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Homecoming is such a fun event and as a freshman you don't want to be left in the dark! Here's the ultimate guide to dominating your first homecoming!
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