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The Ultimate CSUN Bucket List

You only get to experience college once. How are you certain you will be able to do everything you would like to within those few, short years? It is important to know what some of the “bucket list” items are before you start. Well, keep reading! Make the most of your college experience with 22 of the ultimate CSUN bucket list ideas!

1. Befriend a CSUN squirrel.

2. Join a campus club.


3. Go through rush.

4. Talk to foreign exchange students.

5. Study abroad.

6. Go to Matador Nights.

7. And…ride every carnival ride!

8. Dance with a stranger at Big Show.

9. Salsa by the Matador statue.

10. Watch a show at the Bianchi Planetarium.

11. Go to a movie at The Cinematheque.

12. Attend a performance at the VPAC (Valley Performing Arts Center)!

13. Work out at the SRC (Student Recreation Center).

14. Get certified at the SRC in P90X Live, BollyX, Zumba, CPR, or the like.

15. Take advantage of the Oasis Wellness Center.

Yoga and meditation, here we come!

16. Take a class at the Creative Media Studio and become a Photoshop master.

17. Pick oranges from the grove.

18. Buy fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market.

19. Go to all of the 14 restaurants on campus.

20. If you love Boba, try the Bon Bon Tea House off campus.


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21. Take advantage of the Freudian Sip HAPPY HOUR (every Wednesday 4-5:30) and score 50% off.

22. Use the MataMoney card to get 10% off. Heck yeah!

College isn’t the rest of your life, so live it up while you can!

What else should every CSUN student add to their bucket list? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Nicole Smolen

From a young age, Nicole has been passionate about using art and entertainment to make a difference. When she is not busy studying film production at CSUN, you can find her acting, writing, cooking, crafting, grooving to retro music, or mastering foreign accents.

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