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The Ultimate CSULB Bucket List

The Ultimate CSULB Bucket List

The Ultimate CSULB Bucket List

1. Take a picture in the fountain in front of Brotman Hall.

I know it’s basic and all the graduates are doing it, but that’s what makes it a must do. Take it one step further and do a few laps in the fountain to be more original.

2. Actually utilize the Rec Center.

This doesn’t mean working out. There are a lot of fun activities to do besides exercising (bleh!). There are classes to take, yoga sessions, a rock climbing wall, volleyball courts, and a spa! Why miss out? It’s included in your tuition.

3. Cheer on CSULB’s basketball team at the Walter Pyramid.

This one is a must. Cal State Long Beach not only has an amazing basketball team, but a pyramid to watch it in! You don’t get that at Cal State Fullerton. Even if you don’t enjoy basketball as a sport, the players are freaking yummy. I have dibs on Noah Blackwell, though. #NoahBlackwellHaveMyBabies



4. Roll down the hill that’s supposed to make you get all As.

Why roll down the hill? The real question is why not roll down the hill? I mean you can live your whole life thinking that looking stupid for rolling down a grassy hill while everyone else is studying isn’t worth it, but those As on your finals are. If your SOAR guide never told you about this hill, report them for not making your tour interesting.

5. Study under the tree of success.

Granted the Tree of Success is kind of small and doesn’t provide much shade, but it’s still a very intellectual tree. Just bring some water and an umbrella during the hotter study sesh days, and you’ll be fine.


6. Perform a work of art at the Nugget, or grab a drink and enjoy the free entertainment from your peers.

If you’re one of those people that enjoys writing poetry, spoken word, or plays an instrument, then you are in luck! The Nugget has specific times where students can perform for their peers and express themselves in creative ways (I just wouldn’t suggest doing so if the games are on). If you’re not one to be in the spotlight, just enjoy the entertainment with a beer if you’re legal.

7. Watch a movie or go Cosmic Bowling at the USU.

Bowling is super cheap at the USU, and super fun! Pool tables, ping pong, and movies are also available, so don’t miss out. Seize the opportunity for some nights of fun with friends, right on campus.

8. Explore the art museum on campus.

Even if you aren’t an art buff, this is still a pretty fun place to visit. It’s also nice and cool on the hotter days. Located next to CBA and the Horn Center, you can tour the museum, then take a nap!


9. Pull an all-nighter at the library during finals week.

This might not be the most fun thing to do on the bucket list, but what kind of college student are you if you’ve never pulled an all nighter for finals week? The answer to that is a lucky one, my friend.

10. Ask the Quidditch team if you can play in a scrimmage.

This may be one of the dorkiest things I’ve ever wanted to do, but still an experience nonetheless. The only sucky thing is that the Quidditch team can’t practice on campus. Big bummer there. Ten points to Gryffindor!

11. Join a fraternity or sorority.

Looking to gain the ultimate college experience? Join a social fraternity/sorority. If the Greek scene isn’t really your thing and you’re more of a studious type, rush for a club that’s specific to your major. I’m an accounting major so I rushed Delta Sigma Pi – a professional business fraternity – my first semester of freshman year. It was the best decision I made.


12. Feed the koi fish at the Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden is one of the most beautiful places on campus, in my opinion. It could also double as a very cheap date!

13. Visit the 49er’s store on Second Street.

You can never have too much Beach gear. Be a proud 49er and show your spirit with shirts, t-shirts, work out gear, license plates, and more!

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14. Take a picture with the vagina statue near CBA.

The feminist statue near the College of Business Administration’s court yard is definitely my favorite sculpture on campus. What other college campuses have vaginas just chilling in the grass? Leave a comment so I know!

15. Ride your bike to school at least once.

CSULB is big on trying to prevent further destruction of the environment. That is evident with the programs and projects taken on by the Department of Agriculture and the campus community as a whole. Do your part and cut back on gas emissions (and save some money while you do it).

16. Swim in the awkward pool.

Even if you’ve never heard it called the “awkward pool” before, you know exactly which one I’m talking about – the pool that almost every student passes above at least one time in their day. Just thinking about swimming in the awkward pool makes me uncomfortable! Okay, moving on.



17. Get some fresh fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market.

Once a month, there is a Farmer’s Market set up on campus near the USU and Kin building. Most of the time, I pass through on my way to class and just digest everything with my eyeballs, but make it a point to try some of the cool things they have to offer.

18. Try to visit all 21 sculptures on campus.

Have you seen all 21 sculptures on campus? If not, you should schedule a tour. These sculptures were made by some very well known artists and have so much history behind them. Don’t miss out.


19. Graduate!

Last but not least, the one thing that is hopefully on every 49er’s bucket list is to graduate – the day when you can say that you never have to go to school again. I personally love college and intend to come back to Long Beach after my bachelor’s degree is completed. There’s nothing that I love more than being a 49er. Go beach!

What is on your CSULB bucket list?! Share in the comments below!
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