The Ultimate Clemson Bucket List

Every school has a bucket list. But do you know Clemson’s? It is very important (not only as a freshman) but as a student to know what things you HAVE to do before your graduate from college. If you were unaware Clemson had a bucket list,  now you know. Keep reading for the ultimate Clemson Bucket List!

1. Get your “I’m legal” shirt from TTT’s on your 21st birthday!

2. Swim/kayak in the reflection pond.


3. Rub Howard’s Rock.

4. Watch a famous Clemson sunset from the Dikes.

5. Go to an away game.

6. Venture inside the bell tower of Tillman.

7. Eat breakfast at Pot Belly Deli after a night out.

8. Storm the field after a game in Death Valley.

9. Take a ride on roller coaster road.

10. Pull an (almost) all-nighter in Cooper Library.

11. Take a picture with the Tiger.

12. Swim in Lake Hartwell.

13. Start the Cadence Count in a crowd.

14. Take a leisure skill class.

15. Get your Clemson ring.

16. Eat Todaro’s after a night out.

17. Learn the words to the Alma Mater.

18. Read the Thomas Green Clemson plaque (after you graduate).



19. Have the infamous BBQ at The Smoking Pig.

20. Spend an afternoon at Y beach.

What are some other things that should be on the Clemson Bucket List? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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