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10 YouTubers You’ve Been Sleeping On

10 YouTubers You’ve Been Sleeping On

We all have our favourite youtubers that we have been following for years or ones that are trendy and we like to follow everything that’s going on with them.  However, there are a bunch of vloggers out there that are less-known but deserve our attention very much and are pretty good even if they aren’t that popular at the moment. Here are 10 youtubers that you definitely have been sleeping on!

1. Ashley Aka Best-Dressed

This YouTuber has been gaining more and more popularity and recently she hit her 2 million subscribers mark. Ashley talks about fashion and thrifting is very much her forte. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air and a YouTuber who is smart, honest and super fun to listen to and watch – this is the one for you.

You are bound to fall in love with her sophisticated quirkiness and her impeccable fashion taste!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

2. Haley Pham

Haley Pham is your typical Gen Z YouTuber with the exception that she’s actually really good and fun with whatever she’s doing. She does lifestyle videos, makeup tutorial and hauls, challenges, and her personality will definitely win you over.

Definitely check her out for that good-good content!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

3. Josh Peck

Josh Peck has been known to everybody since probably their childhood, but as he is getting bigger amongst YouTubers he is well worth checking out! He has gained over 3 million followers and is growing every day since his first video in July 2017.

Follow up his vlogs as he does mukbangs and fun challenges with the VlogSquad.!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

4. Sierra Schultzzie 

This YouTuber is definitely someone that’s really positive and bubbly. She does many fashion challenges and sometimes things out of her comfort zone and it’s really interesting to say the way she goes on to them.

Her account is still at 800k subscribers but she is quickly getting noticed and her account is bound to grow so much! Follow her content for more body positivity and tips on where to shop and what to shop!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

5. Safiya Nygaard 

Safiya Nygaard has started her YouTube popularity since her Buzzfeed days but when she decided to start her own channel she started getting bigger and bigger. She currently has more than 8 million subscribers and over 1 billion views!

Safiya is mostly known for the makeup and fashion challenges she does and her vlogs of trying new things, which are super fun and entertaining to watch!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

6. Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is a British YouTuber and she creates videos mostly based around relationships, sex, sexual health, travel and many more! She is also the author of the books Doing It and The Hormone Diaries, which have been gaining popularity recently.

Even though at 530,000+ subscribers she is someone that you should definitely check out since her content is so much different than anything that’s out there and her bubbly personality make it so much fun to watch her videos. She is so good!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

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7. HauteLeMode

Luke Meagher is a YouTuber for those people into hardcore fashionistas and high-end fashion as he makes amazing detailed, fun, and sassy reviews of fashion events and moments. Deserving a lot more than his current 260 k subscribers he is slowly getting more and more popular. He is definitely so interesting to watch, so absolutely go and subscribe!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

8. Karolina Zebrowska

This YouTuber is not just your normal fashion vlogger with the way she talks about vintage fashion and she makes it look so much interesting. Karolina does a lot of videos explaining historical facts about Victorian, Edwardian and just vintage and retro fashion in general. Go check her content if you’re interested in the fashion history! 

10 YouTubers That You've Been Sleeping On

9.  Loepsie

Talking about vintage fashion vlogger, Lucy from Loepcie does YouTube videos recreating vintage and history-themed beauty looks and some personal vlogs as well. With her current 602k followers and over 77 million views, she is on her way to growing her channel even more and if you’re interested in alternative approaches to beauty, do check her out!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

10. Eleanore Neale

Moving away from the fashion and lifestyle side of YouTube, Eleanore Neale is a British vlogger who does true-crime mysteries videos and she is an unmissable person to discover. The cases she explores are super intriguing to learn about and she actually helps raise awareness of some of the lesser-known cases. 

Check out her vlogs if you love true crime stories and you are definitely bound to join her nearly 600k followers! P.S. She sometimes does beauty too!

10 YouTubers You've Been Sleeping On

Which YouTube vloggers are your favourite? What did you think of these ones? Leave a comment!

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