YouTubers To Help You Survive The Back To School Season

With the back to school season quickly approaching, you might be starting to feel the pressure and be wondering how the heck you are going to survive. Well, whether you’re going to be starting a new year at school, starting at sixth form or college, or if you are just about to start or return to university, these YouTubers will be able to help you get motivated, get organised, and will turn you into A* students in no time. 

If you are yet to discover the studytuber community on YouTube, we are here to help you get started. Studytubers are fantastic as not only can they help to share advice on surviving school, sixth form, college, university etc, from personal experience, but they can also provide support for when your mental health is suffering and even teach you too! So, here are five YouTubers that will help you to survive the upcoming back to school season with their super helpful videos!

1. UnjadedJade

Jade is one of the busiest YouTubers out there, currently on an amazing gap year travelling all over the world but will be starting university later this year in the US having achieved some fantastic A Level grades last summer. Her work ethic is truly astonishing, her sheer determination and commitment to her studies is enough to make you want to get up and go write a bunch of essays for fun. If you are particularly interested in studying maths or the sciences, Jade has some great videos on her channel advising you on how best to revise for these subjects. Jade also has some really useful videos on revising and writing essays just generally, so if you are looking for some good advice on handling revision and essay writing, her videos are well worth checking out. Plus, her ‘real time study with me’ videos make for great background noise if you are someone who can’t study in silence, or are ideal for people who struggle to study on their own – it is just like having a friend there studying with you, except this friend won’t be nudging you to ask you questions every ten seconds!

YouTubers To Help You Survive The Back To School Season

2. Eve Bennett

Eve has just completed her first year at the University of Oxford, so if any of the YouTubers out there know how to deal with major academic stress and pressure, it is 100% going to be Eve. Recently, Eve has uploaded quite a few videos on how to get into Oxford and how to deal with the application process, so if Oxford is something that is on your radar, she is definitely ideal to watch. Also, if you are into studying languages, Eve is going to be your girl to go to as she studied German, Spanish and English for her A Levels and is now studying German and Spanish at Oxford – if anyone knows the best ways to learn and revise languages, it has got to be Eve!

3. Ruby Granger

Ruby, like Eve, has just completed her first year of university, however, Ruby is studying at the University of Exeter. Ruby is studying philosophy (CHECK THIS) and just like Jade, has an absolutely astonishing commitment to her studies. Ruby regularly posts ‘day in my life at university’ videos that will be sure to get you in the mood to get studying. She has also uploaded many videos over the years on how to study and revise most efficiently and how to handle the stress and pressure of academia and exams in particular. Definitely look up Ruby’s channel if you are looking for some advice on dealing with the mental effects of your studies as well as dealing with the more practical things like writing essays and conquering tough exams!

YouTubers To Help You Survive The Back To School Season

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4. Eve Cornwell

If you are studying law at all or are interested in working in law in the future, Eve Cornwell is definitely someone you should check out. Having already achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in law from the University of Bristol and as of this summer she has also completed law school, Eve is definitely not lacking in ambition and determination. Eve is one seriously hard worker (I mean she was at law school whilst running a YouTube channel and starting up her own coffee shop !!!) and her YouTube channel definitely reflects that. Eve gives very open and honest videos on what it is like to study law and be in the law industry, and she also uploads motivating study with me videos amongst fashion related videos and funny reaction style videos too. 

5. Grace Beverley

Grace, as far as we know, has now finished her time in education having finished her final year at the University of Oxford earlier this year, achieving a 2:1. Like Eve, Grace has a few videos on how to cope with studying at Oxford, as well as how to get into Oxford and what exactly the application process entails. Grace has also got a lot of videos on her channel that demonstrate a typical day in the life at Oxford University, so if you are hoping to go to Oxford yourself, these may be useful and may also be good motivation to get you working hard. Plus, Grace is such an incredibly hard worker that watching one of her videos is bound to have you feeling guilty about that essay you are neglecting – her videos never fail to get me in the mood to study! Over the last two to three years, Grace has set up her own business for gym gear and more recently for active wear, all whilst maintaining a YouTube channel and studying at The University of Oxford! If anyone is going to get you motivated this back to school season, it is going to be Grace.

YouTubers To Help You Survive The Back To School Season

So, no matter what level you are at in school or what you are studying, at least one of these YouTubers will be able to help you out! Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you already watch one of these guys above, or let us know if you can recommend any YouTubers that we haven’t mentioned – we would love to know!

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