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10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

London takes practice and YouTube channels are the best source of information. This list combines channels from all shapes and sizes to match your personal taste. Whatever the case, these 10 YouTube channels will help you navigate your way and give you useful tips all while entertaining you.

1. London Hacks

London is one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world. This is especially true when it comes to uni students and this particular channel will come in handy for those struggling to make it work. This channel features many videos about finding free food, entertainment and all sorts of fun activities all around London. Aside from providing great advice, it is also entertaining, so you’ll never feel like you’re “studying.”

2. SORTEDfood

Not that I’d promote one channel over another, but since I discovered SORTEDfood, I have watched every video they have released. So if you are a foodie like me, you’ll want to check this one out. They have a variety of videos, all centred around food. They are based in London, which means they have a lot of videos about interesting places to eat around the city. And of course, their London Marathon Challenge is a must-watch.


10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

3. Oliver Astrologo

Is it cheating if I fell in love with his ‘Londoners’ video and felt compelled to add him to the list? Oliver Astrologo is a film director and photographer based in London, so technically, he fits the general criteria. However, most of his videos are about filmmaking and travel.

So if this is something you are interested in, definitely subscribe to his channel. If not, then just go watch the ‘Londoners’ video, because this is one of the best representations of the city you will ever see. Perfect if you need to remind yourself why you live in London.


4. Half-Asleep Chris

This YouTube channel has some great information about London as well as the UK in general. Plus, the occasional travel-themed or cat-themed video. The content is informative and entertaining, there’s some stop motion animation and there’s a lot of storytelling. You will learn a lot about London, which you probably didn’t before.

For example, did you know that in Leinster Gardens there are two fake houses? You can learn why by heading over to Chris’s channel.

5. Love and London

While this channel is aimed towards visitors of the city, it is a very helpful guide for those who have just moved here. Especially since London is a very big city, everybody usually only gets to know the areas where they live. This YouTube channel is a good way to explore new areas and familiarise yourself with the city in general.


And if you have a friend coming to London, there is great advice for packing, finding a place to stay, etc. In general, it’s a pretty good YouTube channel to keep close for rainy days (and we have a lot of those here).

10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

6. What’s Good London

The founders of the channel Jens and Pete, created an online documentary series about London. The YouTube channel features interesting places in London. There are examples of interesting places for food and drink, as well as an overview of specific areas. There’s quite a variety and although they don’t post regularly anymore, it’s one of the YouTube channels worth checking out.


7. Jay Foreman

Jay Foreman describes his channel best in the description with the sentence: “I make very silly educational videos”. When it comes to the London ones, there’s a lot to relate to. My favourite is Unfinished London. It’s a series that looks at random London infrastructure that doesn’t quite make sense: tunnels leading nowhere, bike lanes that don’t make sense, etc. If you like YouTube channels with random educational videos online, then this one is for you.


8. The Unknown Vlogs

If you follow YouTube channels that focus on fashion, you may have heard of this one. It basically documents the youth culture and fashion around the world, but there are great segments on London in particular. If you just moved to London and you are looking to explore the fashion scene, then head on over to this YouTube channel for some good suggestions on resellers, vintage shops and other must-visit spots in London.

10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Live In London

9. Joolz Guides – London History Walks

This is a really fun channel, which consists of a series of walking tours around London. It definitely provides a different perspective of the city and gives very interesting information, which you would probably have a hard time finding on your own. It’s especially great for someone who’s moved to London from a different country as there are really good videos on British culture. However, it’s equally interesting for the locals because there’s a lot of random (and fun) facts about London, which would impress anyone.


10. The London Life

Eleana’s YouTube channel has quite a few series about London to choose from. The videos are both entertaining and useful. There’s a lot of information about London’s history, but the content, in general, is diverse and represents London very well.

There’s food, hidden gems, cheap things to do around the city and much more. It’s also the smallest channel on the list, so go give it some love.

What are your favourite YouTube channels? Share in the comments.

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