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Your Zodiac Sign Has Been Assigned To A Beyonce Album Which One Are You?

Your Zodiac Sign Has Been Assigned To A Beyonce Album Which One Are You?

Everybody wants to be Beyonce and there is a piece of Bey in all of us. You need to see which Beyonce album your zodiac sign falls under!

Beyonce’s discography is extensive, and legendary. No one Beyonce album is definitively the best, because they’re all great in their own way. And speaking of albums, we’ll just stick to the six studio albums she’s released thus far. If we included her five live albums, three compilation albums, five EPs, one soundtrack album, a mixtape, and two karaoke albums, and ‘Destiny’s Child’s entire discography too – well, there just ain’t enough zodiac signs for that. So if you ever needed to know which Beyonce album you are according to your zodiac sign, read on.

Dangerously In Love – Aries & Cancer

Head-to-toe, first song to last, this is the album that but our queen Bey on the map. And while everyone remembers the crazy upbeat single that launched Beyonce into music history, there are also elements of ‘Dangerously In Love’ that are slower, moody and emotional.

As her first solo album, it was Bey’s first opportunity to write music that was deeply personal. To share that, she had to be unafraid of feeling the highs and lows of life (like Cancer signs), while this album was a catalyst for the heights she reached in the rest of her life (like party-starting Aries signs).


B’Day – Libra & Taurus

Her second studio album, ‘B’Day’ serves us all the fierceness of the first Beyonce album. Even better? It’s Taurus-ly stubborn in its messages about female independence (think ‘Suga Mama’ and ‘Upgrade U’) and has a musically experimental feel, like the way Libra signs like to feel things out before settling.

Obviously, the experimenting paid off. Any Texan twangs, 70’s influences and funk music combined seamlessly to give us one of the greatest albums of all time.

I Am… Sasha Fierce – Gemini & Virgo

This album is a double-faced experience that introduces us to Beyonce’s alter ego in true Gemini fashion. While half the album is mainstream, the other embraces Beyonce’s R&B roots. Sasha Fierce too, as an alter ego, is more aggressive and sensual, but allows Bey to explore her reality in a different way.


This album also streamlines her music more than the previous studio albums, and more than the proceeding albums. It focuses on a duality with little intrusion from any of Bey’s other musical influences, and that sort of descent into efficiency is super Virgo of her.

4 – Leo & Capricorn

AKA ‘Run The World (Girls)’, AKA ‘Run The World (Bey)’, because this album planted Bey in a spotlight for being very blunt about female empowerment.

This album moves from absolute bangers to soaring singles like ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, proving to us all that Bey had conquered music industry, had an ability to write a damn song, and sing the hell out of it. And while that’s the Cancer-ous part of this album, what’s most Leo about it is just how it demanded our attention and refused to let us forget these iconic tracks.


Beyonce – Aquarius & Pisces

The album that broke the rules – but hey, Beyonce’s above marketing her albums, right?

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Aquarius is an emotional sign deep, deep down, and the reason why this is your Beyonce album is because of tracks like ‘Blue’ and ‘Pretty Hurts’. This album explores love of self and family in the ways her previous albums hadn’t, but in a way that shows strength and not vulnerability.


Pisces signs love to be introspective, and that’s exactly what this album is. This is about Bey realising she’s above just making an album, and turning it into a cultural event. It also has a sort of mystical vibe to it, in the way tracks like ‘Haunting’ draw us into a more spiritual world of Bey’s music.

Lemonade – Scorpio & Sagittarius

This album is the Scorpio’s album through and through. Aside from being unbelievably iconic, with subtle foreshadowing on ‘Insta’ and introducing the world to the concept of a visual album, it’s also angry and vengeful in a sexy kinda way.

Sag signs relate to Bey’s adventurous approach to creating this album, which spans many musical genres, themes, and visual and lyrical approaches to expressing herself. And while it lets you in a little to this chapter in Bey’s life, it doesn’t let you too close.


So all y’all Scorpio signs will just have to hold a grudge against a ‘Becky’ until the Sag in Bey retreats enough for her to name and shame.

Does your Bey album zodiac match your IRL fave? Let us know in the comments!

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