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Your Guide To Avoid Large Crowds When Travelling This Summer

Your Guide To Avoid Large Crowds When Travelling This Summer

Large crowds can be a huge disappointment when travelling around. Here are a few tips to help you avoid large crowds this summer.

Large crowds can be frustrating, and sometimes even scary. A huge wave of people coming at you with the intent to barrel you over it not something you want to experience. Especially when travelling, waiting in huge lines or trying to get past a huge crowd is something of a time waster.

Here are a few tips to avoid large crowds when travelling this summer!

1. Book In Advance

Often booking in advance will give you the option of a priority entry, therefore you don’t have to wait in a huge line to book a ticket at the attraction you want to see. Buying online can sometimes be a little bit cheaper as well. Look for discounts on various websites to save your waiting time and your money!


2. Go Early

Go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to any attraction and you will probably find the crowds less overwhelming. You won’t be elbowing people to get across the room or have to say sorry every couple of steps.

Completing your attraction early in the morning will save you time to experience other things during the day. This especially helps if you’re on a tight schedule, you don’t want to be stuck at one attraction all day because of the large crowds!

Your Guide To Avoid Large Crowds When Travelling This Summer


3. Travel In The Off Season

Summer is usually the peak period of any travel destination. Although it does sound romantic and adventurous to have a summer getaway there are many perks to travelling in winter or spring.

Winter is incredible in Europe, with snow falling down in the prettiest way. You can also find accommodation much less crowded and often a little bit cheaper than peak period prices. You can find this perk at many attractions as well.

Consider an off peak holiday and you’ll find you’ll be able to experience your destinations at your leisure, instead of worrying about large crowds.


4. Avoid School Holidays

People tend to take their children travelling when their schools have holidays. You will definitely want to avoid this time period as noisy children will overrun the attractions and contribute to large crowds.

Your Guide To Avoid Large Crowds When Travelling This Summer

5. Stay In Less Touristy Areas

Choose to stay a little way out of the city centre of your travel destination and you’ll avoid much of the large crowds. Especially if you just want to duck to the shops for something you don’t want to have to wade through busy tourists for a trip that should only take a couple of minutes.

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6. Go Off The Tourist Trail

Choose attractions you haven’t heard of before and chances are other people haven’t heard of them either.

7. Skip The Famous Photos

If you hate large crowds but really want a photo at the Trevi Fountain, you won’t have much luck. Skipping the huge line to take photos next to monuments or attractions will save you a ton of time and you get right into experiencing what you really came for.


8. Do A Tour

Booking yourself a special guided tour of certain attractions will grant you a stress-free experience while travelling. Your guide will often give you a behind the scenes look to attractions and takes care of your commute, which means you’ll avoid large crowds on public transport. They’re the experts, so they’ll know the best time to go and takes care of avoiding the large crowds for you.

Your Guide To Avoid Large Crowds When Travelling This Summer

9. Check The Weather

Tourists will often stay away from outdoor activities if the weather is less than pleasant. Here is your opportunity to skip the large crowds on other days, provided you aren’t afraid of scary weather!


Which of these tips will help you avoid large crowds this summer?

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