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Your Complete Uni Packing List

Your Complete Uni Packing List

Your Complete Uni Packing List

You have just gained your offer from your top uni and now you’re worrying about what to take to uni! This can be a stressful time in our lives, especially if we are moving far from home. Once you get everything you need, the stress is over, but forgetting essential things can be a horrible feeling. Well, now it’s time to spend all that money you’ve been saving on things you never even thought of needing…until now. Below is your complete packing list for what to take to uni!

For The Bedroom

Your bedroom (or your side of the bedroom) is an opportunity to make this space feel like you. It’s a space to relax in, to sleep in and to just hang out in. So make sure you bring what you need for your bedroom in order to feel more at home in this new space.

1) A Duvet, Pillows and Bed Sheets (Can be bought in complete sets)

The most important thing to remember! Maximize your comfort with cute bedding and lots of pillows!


2) A Mattress Topper

These are important for sleeping soundly in dorms because the beds are usually pretty hard and have plastic covers! Yuck! Your back will be thanking you when you wake up each morning.

3) An Extra Warm Blanket

Just in case it ever gets too chilly in your dorm room, always be prepared! There are so many cute furry and fuzzy throw blankets out there to accessorize your bedding set and keep you warm!

4) A Full Length Mirror

These are a must have for any outfit conscious person. Most like you won’t have a mirror in your dorm and if you do it will be way too small. Get a floor length mirror that goes over your door to make sure you look on point before heading off to class.


5) An Alarm Clock (To wake you up for those 9 a.m. lectures)

It’s always good to have a back up alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings. Most of us use our iPhone alarms but we all know these alarms can fall through sometimes.

6) Photo Hanger To Decorate Your Walls

You will definitly want to bring some of your photo prints from home to dress up those boring drab walls! Get a cute photo hanger with clips to showcase all of your favorite memories!



7) A Bedside Or Desk Lamp

Get a small personal lamp for your bedside or for you desk when you need some extra lighting or when your roommate insists on turning the lights off for a nap.

8) A Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is a must. No one wants to cart around a pile of clothes to and from the laundry room, losing a couple socks along the way each time. Make life easier and get a basket to pile everything in.

9) Bed Risers For Extra Space

Bed risers are a great idea for adding storage and space to your already small room! They lift up your bed creating more space underneath for storage bins!


10) Storage Bins

Bring some extra storage options because chances are that small closet they give you won’t do the trick. Canvas storage bins are a great idea because they are practical but also super cute and come in so many colors!

11) A Weekend Bag For Any Impromptu Trips

In case you and the roomies decide to go somewhere for a weekend trip or simply if you decide to head home for the weekend, a larger bag is essential for packing everything you will need for a couple days away.

Kitchen Supplies

If your dorm has its own kitchen, you will need to stock up on your own supplies. There’s a few essential items you (or your roommates) should grab without overflowing the small kitchen space with unnecessary items.


1) A Mini Refrigerator

Chances are, your dorm room isn’t going to come equipped with a refrigerator. Luckily, there are many refrigerators you can buy that will fit nicely in your dorm!

2) Tupperware

Plastic tupperware is a great idea for on-the-go snacks and lunches when you know you will be busy around campus all day!

3) A Few Sets Of Plates And Bowls And Utensils

You will need plates, bowls, and utensils for any eating you may do. Whether you’re shoving cereal down your throat before rushing to that 8 a.m. or eating Ramen for dinner, you need something to put it in.


4) A Mug For Coffee Or Tea

Sometimes we need that cup of coffee in the morning before we head off to class or that warm cup of tea at night to help us fall asleep. Get a cute mug and it will become your best friend.


5) A Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a great idea for a few reasons. You won’t be wasting as much plastic from watter bottles or having to buy more every week! You can also refill your water bottle around campus at fountains or in the dining halls.


6) Plastic Glasses So You Won’t Have To Worry About Broken Glass

It’s probably a good idea to keep all your cups, plates and bowls plastic so you don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking anything and stepping on glass.

7) A Can Opener

You will need this when you least expect it! Sometimes we buy canned goods totally forgetting there is only one way to open them, so get yours before it’s too late.

8) Paper towels And Dish Cleaning Soap

Your dorm probably (definitely) will not have a dish washer. Just to keep your space clean, always have paper towels on hand and dish cleaning soap to hand wash those bowls.


9) A Pan

You will learn to master the art of a grilled cheese in college. And the first thing you need for this is a pan..and cheese…and bread.


Stationery Needs

Stationary supplies will be your best friend in Uni. They are essential for organization, and remembering important things. There are lot’s of cute stationary options to cater to your own interests! Pick out supplies that suit your taste!


1) Pins Or Tacks For Your Walls

These will always come in handy for hanging up important notes, reminders or some of your favorite pictures and posters!

2) A Printer (Easier than waiting in long queues in the library) And Paper

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to the library and waiting in line to print out your essay at the last minute, get yourself a printer for your dorm. This will make life a lot easier.

3) Notebooks For Your Classes (Yes, you have to write notes in Uni)

It’s good to stay organized with a notebook for each class and all that notetaking that you, sadly, will be doing.


4) Folders For Your Classes

Just like the notebooks, you should stay organized with a different color folder for each class. A good idea is to color code your folders and notebooks for each class!

5)  Highlighters

Highlighters will help you more than you think. They are especially helpful for studying and keeping your notes organized! Not to mention, they can make your notes look super pretty.

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6)  Pens And Pencils

These go without saying, but we thought we’d remind you anyway.

7) Post-it Notes 

Sticky notes are great for last minute reminders and also for organizing your notes and separating certain pages.

8) A Hole Puncher and Stapler

These are good to have so you’re not running around at the last minute trying to perfect that essay you have to pass in ASAP.


9) A Journal For Destressing

It’s a good idea to keep a journal around to record your thoughts or to write in when your upset and need to let it all out.

10) Extension Cords For Your Electronics

An extension cord will definitely come in handy in your dorm room. There’s probably only going to be a couple outlets in your dorm and more than likely they will be in inconvenient places. Get yourself an extension cord to make things easier (so you can lie in bed and charge your laptop at the same time.)

For The Bathroom

No one likes a dirty, messy bathroom (especially if you’re sharing it with six other girls.) If you use a community bathroom, there are certain things you will need to have with you each time you take a trip to the bathroom to shower or to get ready.


1) Washing Powder

Don’t forget now that you’re on your own, you need to wash your own clothes! Make sure you bring the right stuff to get those clothes cleaned!

2) A Shower Caddy

If you live in a dorm where you need to walk down the hall to the shower, you will want a shower caddy to tote all of your essentials to and from the shower, and so you won’t get yours mixed up with anyone else!

3)  Shower Towels

For showering, dug. Bring a few so you always have a clean one to use after your shower in case the others need to be washed.


4) Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel and Soap

Another that goes without saying. No one likes a smelly roomie.

5) Shower Sandals

Again, if you use communal showers, you have no idea what or who’s been in there before you. It’s a good idea to wear a pair of rubber sandals in the shower so you don’t step on anything gross.

6) Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Always remember to brush your teeth morning and night!


7) Makeup Essentials And An Organiser

If you’re a girl with a lot of makeup and beauty essentials, you will need something to keep it organized. This will help you from losing anything and will help you find something quickly when you’re rushing out the door in the morning!

8) Painkillers

Headaches and migraines are the worst. Always come prepared for when you’re in a time of need.

9) A First Aid Kit

This should always be kept in your dorm for any unexpected emergencies!

Do you have any other suggestions for what to take to uni? Share in the comments below!
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