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You Know You’re From Northern England When…

You Know You’re From Northern England When…

Northern England is a unique place in the UK, and the people are from there are just as unique! Here are some signs you're from there!

The difference between northern England and southern England isn’t just geographical; there is an abundance of cultural differences between the two that many people do not understand unless they have visited the country. There are many archetypal moments for northerners that most of us can definitely relate to. Here are some of the regular occurrences where one will just feel that they are from northern England.

You Have To Slow Down Your Words When You Speak So People Can Understand You

You’re almost used to the baffled looks you sometimes get when you’re speaking to people outside of northern England. Generally-speaking, the further north you’re from the thicker you’re accent is. Many people from both inside and outside of England struggle to differentiate between the accents altogether. I’ve often been asked if I’m from Leeds, Newcastle and even Scotland! You’ll have to repeat yourself more than once on some occasions to get your point across.

You’re Proud Of Where You’re From

It might be inevitable that you meet people who have negative perceptions of where you’re from, especially if you’re from a main city in the north. You’ll take offense to people stereotyping and being judgmental towards you’re hometown when, in actual fact, they have likely never even been there.


You  Like To Talk To People You Don’t Know

In stark contrast to some southerners, people from northern England are known for striking up conversations with strangers. May it be at a bus stop, in a pub or outside on the smokers bench we love to chat with people. I’ve personally been sat beside someone on a long train ride who depicted most of their life story, showed me pictures of their children and told me everything they’d been up to that day. We kept in touch afterward.

You Brave The Weather When Others Complain That It’s Too Cold

People from northern England can certainly handle cold weather. You might have even mocked people who have complained that it’s freezing because to you it’s only mild. We’re used to windy, wet and icy winters, you have learned to accept the fact that there is barely a summer here and you get on with it. Northerners are known to refuse to wear coats on a night out even if it’s below zero.

You Think It’s Warm When Other People Think It’s Cold

On the other hand, you might complain that it’s too hot or overly warm when in actual fact it really isn’t. For most British people, summer begins when it’s about 20 Degrees Celsius and anything above this is too hot for people from the north. While on vacation, they consider sunny weather abroad to be a heatwave!

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You’re Shocked By The Prices Down in Southern England

You just can’t accept how most things in the south cost almost twice as much as they do in the north. While a box room in a London house could cost well over £500, you could potentially rent a two-bedroom flat or a single room in a really good area for less than that amount where you are from. It’s one of the reasons why many people from northern England do not move to the south permanently.

You’re Direct and Get Straight To The Point

You tend to avoid beating around the bush when you’re trying to explain how you feel about a certain subject. Northerners can be blunt, people from Liverpool have been described as aggressive in a really friendly way. If you don’t like somebody you’d rather not speak to them. If you don’t want to date someone you’ll most likely tell them. You’re not confrontational, you just say it how it is.


It’s A Really Small World Where You’re From

This seems to be such a common thing for people from northern England. I’ve traveled abroad and bumped into people from my hometown only to discover we live across the street from each other, drink in the same pub, have 20 mutual friends in common on Facebook and probably share a couple of relatives. And then we see each other EVERYWHERE when we’re back in England.

Let us what you think of our list and if you can relate to any of the things in this article! What are your favorite things about people from northern England? Do you have a favorite city? Please comment below!
Featured Image Source: Photo by Emily Wang on Unsplash