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You Know You’re British When…

You Know You’re British When…

There are so many instances where you can just tell that you're British. These are some of the ways that you can tell you're definitely British.

There are so many jokes about British people and how all we love is tea and talking about the weather. While that may be true, we also have a lot of strange habits. Let’s see if you can relate to any of these things!

Tea Solves Everything

Just gone through a break-up? Tea. Just had a funeral? Tea. Just got offered a job? Tea. Whatever situation it is, sad or happy, tea always solves everything. When you’ve had a bad day and your friend invites you round for a cuppa, you instantly feel comforted. Tea solves pretty much everything for a Brit.

Let’s Talk Weather

If it’s one thing us Brits hate doing, it’s talking about our feelings. We will talk about anything else, even the weather if we have to. Any chance to bring up how it’s been “a nice weekend” or it’s “a bit chilly out” and we’re ready to talk for hours.  Brits have a habit of talking about the weather when there’s an awkward conversation that’s arisen. Even when there’s no tension, we still love to fill in the time by talking about it and take an actual interest in how well your flowers have grown since the weather “took a turn.”


Don’t Talk To Me

If you’re a tourist and you’ve ever been on the tube, then you’ll know us Brits won’t talk to each other. If someone talks to us on the tube, we will instantly think you’re a creep or bomber. We are also hyper aware of backpacks and if someone looks dodgy we will stare at them until they leave into the next station. If you’re trying to ask for directions, simply don’t. Ask a guard or someone when you’re off the tube. Us Brits also hate it when the tube stops and we’re so paranoid that we look around to see who’s caused the tube to stop. We all hold our breath until the guard speaks over the intercom and tells us we’re just stuck behind another tube.

Queue Like A Boss

Us Brits hate a queue – who doesn’t? But when it comes to actually queuing, we are like ninjas. If there isn’t a clear queuing pathway, we will make them. We all know how to instinctively queue and hate it when someone messes up the rhythm.


As Brits, when something bothers us, we rarely talk about it but will gladly tutt at you. If you do something wrong, we’ll tut all day long until you get the message. We hate it because our grandparent’s tutted at each other and then our parents, and now, as the younger generation, we have inherited it! Just remember to never piss us off and you’ll be golden!

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Stand On The Right

When on escalators, especially in London, we are told to stand on the right, which we do so that others can walk down on the left. But occasionally there’ll be someone who stands bang in the middle or side by side to their partner. This is where the tutting comes in handy.  You know you’re British when you’re in a rush and you’re swearing under your breath because some tourist doesn’t know how our system works.

The John Lewis Advert

If you’re British, then you’ll know about the John Lewis Christmas advert. Every year we look forward to the latest John Lewis advert which is usually followed by tears once we’ve seen it. There are an assortment of stories and animals that are so cute and sad that we just can’t helping bawling our eyes out over them.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments what British mannerisms you know of or any stereotypical traits you think us Brits have!
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