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You Know You Are From Rhondda If…

You Know You Are From Rhondda If…

Rhondda is a unique town to grow up in, and there are certain things that only people who grew up there can totally understand.

Always considered as “the country next to England”, Wales isn’t the most known part of the UK. But it is definitely full of the most interesting characters, especially in the Rhondda Valleys. Here are 12 things that you will relate to if you’re from or have lived in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

1. You know a Jones, Evans or Davies.

If you’re Welsh or live in South Wales, you will 100% know a family of Jones’, Evans’ or Davies’. You’ll probably know all three! They are the most popular surnames in the Rhondda and you will most definitely be related to one of them.

2. Your school was populated by sheep.

Okay, maybe this was just my school, but when you live in an area full of farms and mountains, you will encounter some sort of animal during your day. We once interrupted our lesson because we ran to the windows to watch a group of sheep run around the tennis courts. When there’s more sheep than people, you just have to let them do their own thing.


3. All you do is complain (especially about the Rhondda).

Everyone always complains about where they’re from, and we are no exception! Any chance to have a moan and we’ll take it. But if anyone else ever talks badly about our home, watch out.

4. Everyone you walk past, you seem to know.

The phrase, “it’s a small world” could not be more accurate than in the Rhondda. Everyone you walk past is either related to you or friends of the family. Sometimes a quick walk with the dogs takes over an hour because you have to stop every five minutes to say hello!

5. Your grandfather was a coal miner.

Wales’ main export was coal. Coal mining is a huge part of our heritage and you can bet that the majority of grandparents worked as coal miners. Something many of us are incredibly proud of.


6. You complain about the weather. Every. Single. Day.

Like I said, we’re a bunch of complainers. The slightest change in weather is either rejoiced or moaned about. We miss the sun in the winter but then complain it’s too hot when it finally arrives. We just can’t make our minds up!

7. You hung out in car parks when you were a teenager.

For some reason, this seemed to be the best place to meet up with friends. No one ever understood why, we just did it.

8. Someone asks you to slow down when speaking.

Whether it’s another country or just another part of Wales, we will always have to repeat ourselves. If you’re from the Rhondda, you will always be asked, “Um, say that again?” Cardiff is less than an hour away and yet they still can’t understand a word we say!

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9. You’re surrounded by mountains.

Even when we complain about the steep hills we always encounter, we can’t deny that our home is beautiful. Our houses, schools and shops are all surrounded by picturesque  mountains that are undeniably stunning.

10. You go to the same places to eat every time.

Sometimes it’s nice to venture out and try new places. But usually, we just get too comfortable and go to the same restaurants no matter how hard the group tries to suggest somewhere new. The Greenfield, McDonald’s, carvery…ring any bells?


11. When someone asks, you always say you’re from ‘Wales’ or ‘Cardiff’.

No one can ever be bothered to explain where the Rhondda is. So when asked, “Where are you from?” the answers are always either: “Wales”, “South Wales” or “Cardiff”. Trust us, it’s just easier.

12. You use ‘like’ multiple times in every sentence.

“Like, you did hear what, like, Joan said yesterday? She, like, said she’s moving. Like, what is she thinking?” Wow, we’re a confusing bunch.

What do you think are some signs you’re from Rhondda? Tell us in the comments!
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