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You Know You Are From Norwich If…

You Know You Are From Norwich If…

Norwich is a town with a lot of qualities that stand out, especially if you grew up there. Here are some signs that you're probably from Norwich.

We all have embarrassing traits and jokes from our hometowns, some worse than others. If any of you grew up in Norwich in the UK, then I’m sorry for all the jokes and stereotypes that are about to come up…


You know you are from Norwich when anyone outside of the perimeter asks you if you’re a farmer. In Norwich, there are hundreds of fields and tractors which doesn’t help our stereotype. Yes, I went to college on a farm, no I am not a farmer, jeez!

Colman’s Mustard

In Norwich we’re known for making Colman’s mustard. As you can imagine, I was mortified when I met my partner’s parents only to find out they would take the piss out of my mustard town for the rest of eternity. I didn’t even know about where Colman’s was made at that point. And yes, we have a Colman’s museum and it’s rather embarrassing.


The Canaries

We are also known for our Norwich Football team, the canaries who play at Carrow Road. There are images of canaries everywhere and my granddad even has one of the cuddly toys in his car. We are known for our rubbish team but also our yellow mascot.

Delia Smith

You know you’re from Norwich if someone shows you the Delia Smith YouTube video of her pissed on the pitch screaming “Where are you? Let’s be having you.” Needless to say, she is an embarrassment to the football team and she even has her own restaurant at the football ground. If you haven’t watched the clip yet, I suggest you do, it is actually hilarious, that is, if you aren’t from Norwich.

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Alan Partridge

You know you’re from Norwich if you’ve grown up around the Alan Partridge show that takes the piss out of Norwich. My partner is constantly showing me embarrassing videos of my town’s heritage to me. We did get a lot of publicity when Partridge filmed his movie though, so there are some bonuses to living there.


I’ve heard it all; do you sleep with your brother? Did your mum marry your cousin? Yes, we are also known for incest for some reason. Everyone apparently looks alike and even though my dad’s attracted to his cousin, that does not mean we sleep with our cousins…right?

These are just a few of the things us Norwich folk are known for and let me tell you, it’s enough to make your blood boil. Share your home town stereotypes down below!
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