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You Know You Are From North England If…

You Know You Are From North England If…

North England is a unique palce in the UK. If you are a northerner then chances are that you'll be able to relate to a lot of these things!

North England is a unique place. Some of you may be a northerner yourself, or some might know someone from the north, others might not know anything about it. There are many northern traits, some specific to certain areas of the north and some which are common throughout. Here’s some traits that are stereotypical to most people who live in North England.

1. You Have an Obsession with Tea

If you didn’t already know, people from the north have a serious obsession with drinking tea. There is nothing better than sitting down after a long hard day, putting your feet up and having a trusty cuppa tea with a biscuit to dunk in it… (sorry, I meant a lot of biscuits). To us northerners a cup of tea can solve anything, and is the perfect companion in any situation. Having a bad day? Have a cup of tea. Broke up with your boyfriend? Have a cup of tea. Celebrating? Have a cup of tea. Already had one 5 minutes ago? Ah let’s have another! From the minute we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep – we want tea. We even plan our day around it, as soon as one is finished the countdown is on to when we can have another. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can definitely buy Yorkshire Tea!

2. You Never Take a Coat

One thing about the north is the continuous bad weather in the winter months. But, if there’s one thing us northerners can handle, it is the cold. It could be the middle of December, minus 546 degrees and you will still find us rocking the cold without a coat. Light rain or ‘chucking it down’ rain, this will not ruin our night out, that’s for sure! But you can guarantee, if the sun does decide to show (even if it’s 10 degrees) we will be soaking up the rays in our local beer garden, probably in our t-shirts! We know no limits, we’ve gotta’ get it while we can.


3. Everyone Is Your Best Friend

Northern people have a reputation for being ‘nice’, which is relevantly true. People from the south try to avoid eye contact and interaction at all costs, not up here – we love it. You pass a stranger while walking into town and you’re instantly acknowledged with a pleasant ‘alright love’. You get on a bus and you are immediately greeted with a smile. You’re patiently queuing in your local taxi rank and the person in-front is now somehow related to you? It’s that easy, ask someone how their day is going and there you have it – you’re instantaneously best friends!

4. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea

Now this can get confusing. As everybody else knows it as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Up north there’s no doubt about it, it’s breakfast, dinner and tea. I know this get’s complicated for people past the northern/southern divide, but we do our own thing up north and there’s no compromising. Not only is tea our favourite hot beverage and to put it quite frankly, our way of living, it is also our evening meal.

5. Only People from The North Can Understand You

If you’re from the north then it’s more than likely you won’t pronounce your t’s, h’s and you’ll finish every sentence with ‘like’. Oh, and the word ‘the’ won’t even be in your vocabulary. Instead we have a common ground where everyone just say’s ‘int’, for example, ‘it’s int car’ or ‘int it good!’. We all talk so fast that people who are from the south don’t even have a chance at understanding us. Even I’ll admit, it’s confusing right? I mean, sometimes I even confuse myself. No matter where you are from in the north, none of us pronounce our words properly, and to anyone who does are instantly identified as posh.

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6. Chips and Gravy Are the Perfect Combination

Everybody knows that people from North England love gravy, we will literally put it on anything. There’s the traditional Sunday dinner which is loved all around the country and gravy is simply mandatory to accompany your Yorkshire puddings. But, we also love chips and gravy. Yes, it is a thing. And yes, it is the perfect combo. I’m sure if we could, we would even drink it! (Actually, I know we would. My friends already do).

7. We Stick Together

Let’s face it, if you’re from North England then we’re basically neighbors, right? When you head down south and you meet a fellow northerner, that’s it, you are instantly unbreakable. Have you got a friend that lives two hours away from me? Oh, you know what their name rings a bell! That’s my mum’s best friend’s daughter’s boyfriends, friend? What a small world eh! Us northerners like to stick together, and you will always find something in common (maybe your mutual love for drinking tea?) And no matter what you’ll always be regarded as ‘the northerner’, but we’d have it no other way!

Have you got any other northern traits you want to share that are unique to people from North England? Comment below!
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