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You Know You Are From Liverpool If…

You Know You Are From Liverpool If…

If you're from Liverpool then you can probably relate to a lot of things on this list. We're positive that anyone from Liverpool can relate!

People who aren’t from Liverpool say to you Liverpewwwl. (How annoying is that?) Here are 20 things everyone from this city can relate to.

1. You take full pleasure in slating The Wirral.

If you live In Liverpool you automatically dislike Birkenhead, there is no logical reason for this.

2. You’re very loud, like annoyingly loud!

There are no quiet people in Liverpool, even the ones who are classed as quiet are easily spotted in a crowd.


You Know You Are From Liverpool If...

3. Your fuming that Mathew street festival is now indoors

It was a yearly tradition to grab your own beers and head down to Liverpool City Centre. The festival has now bene moved indoors to stop people from drinking on the streets and to reduce street crime. Everyone from Liverpool has seen a bottle fly through the air at Mathew street festival, dangerous

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4. You say “Me mar, Me arl fella, R kid”

R kid can refer to anyone who is your brother or sister, regardless of their age.


5. You know somebody who does fake telly boxes or fire sticks.

Sky is expensive, if you live In Liverpool it is standard that you know a guy who knows a guy.

6. You’ve been to Grate Homer Street Market

This market has literally everything you need, everyone has been and bough a pirate DVD. You usually start watching it and half way through the screen goes black or you see people walking past the screen where it’s been filmed in the pictures.

7. People come into the pub and say “Any perfume love?”

It’s completely natural to have punters trying to sell you goods in the pub. It’s usually perfume or aftershaves being sold at half price, bargain!

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8. You’ve been on a ferry across the Mersey

Everybody from Liverpool knows the song “Ferry across the Mersey” You know you’re from Liverpool if you’ve grabbed a Mr Whippy and hopped on the Ferry to New Brighton.

9. You can’t walk past a fight

People from Liverpool are very nosey, if a fight breaks out we stop to take a look, or even get involved. You can’t watch someone get hurt, you have to help!

10. You’ve brought your own bevy to a family function

It’s the rules that if you’re heading to a function suite you’re taking a plastic water bottle full of vodka or gin. Stash this in your Mums handbag and your good to go!

11. You think 17 degrees is unbearable

People from Liverpool are not used to the heat, but when the sun does come out to play we know it only means one thing, beer garden and Kopparberg.

You Know You Are From Liverpool If...

12. You’ve seen girls walking around in their pyjamas

It’s perfectly normal to see girls or women dressed in pyjamas, as long as there only nipping to the corner shop.

13. You base holiday choices on price of a pint

The first thing you ask when your friend comes back from holiday, “was it cheap?” Anything over £3 for a pint is extortionate.

14. Youve had a crap Halloween costume

Every scouser has worn a mask and a bin bag for Halloween, it’s just the norm.

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15. You HAVE to have a drink at the airport

If you’re going on holiday it’s the law to have a drink in The weather spoons before your flight.

You Know You Are From Liverpool If...

16. You will never buy the Sun

Under no circumstances will anyone from Liverpool buy the Sun!

17. You have to love The Beatles

You say you love The Beatles, even if you have only heard one of their songs.

18. It’s Red or Blue, no in-between

If you support any team other than Liverpool or Everton you are disowned.

You Know You Are From Liverpool If...

19. The Asda

You are never going to Asda, you’re going the Asda.

20. Nobody can understand you

Unless a fellow scouser, most people find it hard to understand our accent. So you have to talk slower. “ HI, I, am, from, Liverpool!” (Loud over emphasised voice)

What do you think are some signs that you’re from Liverpool? Let us know in the comments!
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