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You Know You Go To University of Portsmouth When

You Know You Go To University of Portsmouth When

University of Portsmouth is the best place to be. Whether it's Portsmouth rugby players or rowdy nights here are signs you know you go to Uni of Portsmouth.

University of Portsmouth is such an amazing university by the seaside, no doubt. However, every student, that has ever experienced life in the great seafront city, must have their own story and version of events. Here are just 10 hilarious facts about student life in Pompey:

1) It is hardly ever a quiet night out!

Most low-key students opt for the vivid pub life of Portsmouth and, especially, Southsea; in most cases, though, every night that starts at Honest Politician or One Eyed Dog, ends in either Astoria or Lyberry Bar. Admit it, you’ve been there and you’ve done that. Multiple times.

2) Ken’s is always the answer!

Yeah, yeah. We know you’re on a diet plan and you workout every other day, but mate, you love the salty feeling in your mouth when you’ve abolished a whole fried chicken burger and a portion of chips, altogether after a sick night out at Astoria on a Tuesday or Friday night.


3) The “Liquid & Envy” Scandal is still shocking.

“Liquid & Envy” was always the night club to avoid unless it had some special guest ( J Hus fans, I’ve got you covered). Nevertheless, our hearts broke into a million pieces when we learnt it was about to shut down *crying in embryonic position* and be replaced by Pryzm. That’s alright, we’ve all been to Pryzm and it was lit, but still, we’d rather go to Astoria (classic).

4) You hate Rugby players but you secretly want to be with/like them.

The Rugby society is deemed to be the most elite society to ever join. Expensive membership, endless rivers of alcohol, and amazingly beastly players. They’re always the centre of attention on a Purple Wednesday as they stand out lol, and even though you hate seeing them around, you low-key want to join their league. Legendary feeling, especially when you’re a 5’6″.

5) You Pre-drink at a random house.

We’ve all done that. “Bring a bag of cans“, “Bring booze, mate” etc. Mostly at a random house that’s near Fratton or Eastney, and you undoubtedly need an Uber to get to the club/pub/another house/your house. Always knackered.


6) You judge Co-op meal deals.

Lunch time? Co-op. Study session at the library? Co-op. No food? Co-op. No money? Oopsie, lad, why did they raise the price of the meal deal? Co-op.

7) You experience the Greg’s delirium.

If you’re in the faculty of sciences, school of Pharmacy etc. you’ve met that lecturer that always talks about Greg’s as if he’s bought shares of the franchise. Sausage rolls, steak slices, soup. Even that free cookie you get if you show your student ID is amazing. Ship it. You know it. Even Greg’s knows it, too.

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8) Drift can get you driftin’ all night long. Only on Thursdays.

If you’re a fan of Spanish music, Latin parties and weird locals, then Drift on Thursdays is your number one choice. No entrance before 11:30p.m and non-stop partying until 4a.m. Suave, suavesito.

9) Spoons is never the answer.

That’s absolutely weird for a city in the UK filled with students who crave cheap booze and huge amounts of food. However, Spoons in Guildhall Walk are usually full of locals of various ages. You seldom find there students and you never find yourself there. Except for lunch time. Once in a while. Or never.

10) You chill in Southsea Commons.

Southsea Commons, the massive seaside park is covered by people throwing BBQs whenever the weather permits. You spend your whole day there and you eat until you die.

Have any other signs you went to University of Portsmouth?! Drop us a line!!
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