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20 Signs You Go to University of Glasgow

20 Signs You Go to University of Glasgow

Glasgow Caledonian University sets itself apart by being the quirkiest of the three in Glasgow. Here are signs you're a student there.

Scotland’s largest city is known for its sense of individualism and no less can be said of the students at its largest uni. If you go to Glasgow Uni, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to at least some of these signs. If you don’t go to Glasgow Uni, I’m sorry.

1. You have at some point compared the main uni building to Hogwarts.

Eight years after you didn’t receive a letter telling you that you were a wizard you can finally feel in place.


2. You’ve got at least one aesthetic picture of said building on your instagram.

Why go to a pretty uni if you can’t show it off?

3. You were rejected from Edinburgh.

It’s okay, you are not alone. Close your eyes and try and reassure yourself “there’s more happening in Glasgow anyway.”

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4. You hate Boyd Orr but follow its meme page.

Possibly the world’s ugliest building. Also inspiration for some top memes.

5. You live for Pints of Fun.

No one is really sure what’s in it and no one really cares. This GUU classic definitely earns its name.


6. You signed up to every club under the sun at the freshers’ fair and went to absolutely none of them.

When you’re hungover signing up to the Skydiving Society sounds like a good idea. It’s not.

7. You loved Viper and can’t believe it’s closed.

The tragic demise of this classic Great Western Road club now means you have to trek to Sanctuary for a night out in the West End. Monday Night Heat will never be the same.

8. You bought a yearly gym membership in September and have been once.

When you’ve just received your SAAS double payment, £125 on a gym pass seems like a drop in the ocean. When it’s February and you are struggling to pay your heating bill, you really wish you hadn’t been so optimistic.


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9. You only really know the West End.

Despite living in Scotland’s biggest city you probably haven’t ventured past the Clyde or the City Centre during your time at uni. The ‘Glasgow Uni bubble’ is real.

10. You’ve had your picture taken at a certain stone outside the Gregory building.

This infamous structure has become perhaps the university’s biggest in-joke. No idea why someone thought it was a good idea to build such a stone in the middle of a campus full of 18 year olds.


11. You spend way too much time (and money) in Ashton Lane

Perhaps the cutest lane in the world. This internationally renowned street of restaurants and bars will guarantee you a brilliant day or night with an equally brilliant instagram post.


12. You go to both unions and probably don’t care about the rivalry.

GUU has produced some great club nights and QMU has hosted some great gigs. Double the union, double the fun.

13. You’ve been on a trip to Loch Lomond to detox.

When everything in Glasgow gets too much there’s nothing better than getting on a 40 minute train, paying £3.50 and heading to Balloch. Stunning scenery far away from your deadlines and messy flatmates.

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14. You are scared to death of the Senate Office.

The ominous body mentioned at the start of every GU exam. Any student found in possession of a water bottle with a label still intact will be referred to them.

15. You almost dropped out of uni because it was so difficult to enrol in classes.

By the time you have been at Glasgow a couple years you expect leave many a week to get this sorted. ‘You cannot be enrolled in this subject because MyCampus is an absolute mess.’


16. Hive Thursdays are your religion.

A club night where you are can go and be sure you will not be bothered by Strathclyde students.

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17. You love Kelvingrove Park… and have probably got lost in it at least once.

Situated right next to uni, Kelvingrove is the perfect location for a morning jog or post lecture stroll. However due to its many winding paths and hills, one is sure to end up somewhere they didn’t really mean to end up!


18. You probably have friends from all over the world.

Glasgow is an incredibly international uni. You can’t go far without bumping into someone from a place you’ve never been.

19. You’ve probably been to some amazing concerts during your time at uni.

With the SECC, the O2, the Barrowlands and numerous West End pubs on your doorstep, you’re never too far away from a really great gig.

20- You take real pride in your uni and are very glad you came

You rarely meet anyone who hasn’t enjoyed their time at The University of Glasgow. A bit of that Glaswegian spirit definitely rubs of on the students who study here, and we’re more than proud of it!