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You Know You Are From Shanghai If You Have Done These Things

You Know You Are From Shanghai If You Have Done These Things

In this list you will find much to relate to if you are from Shanghai! Scroll through the list and see how much you recognise!
Being from Shanghai means that you got to enjoy this beautiful vibrant city with so much great food, culture, and history  to offer you. But growing up there definitely means you picked up a couple if quirks that are distinct to say the least. Here are the definite tell tale signs you are from Shanghai if you relate to the below.

1. When someone says “The Bund…”

You know you are definitely from Shanghai when the first thing that pops into your head when someone says “what is a must see in Shanghai?” is the beautiful site of The Bund. Right by the river where you can see the breathtaking view of Shanghai city’s skyline in all its glory. The perfect place to take a stroll during the day, and stop by for dinner with a view at night, get the best look of Shanghai from by the river. All people from Shanghai have a soft spot in their heart for The Bund, so you know you are from Shanghai if you picture that magnificent view when someone says “The Bund”. You are from Shanghai if you relate to this!

2. Shanghai street food

Anyone who’s grown up in Shanghai can rattle off a dozen street food items off the top of your head as soon as someone mentions it. Steamed buns, soup dumplings, spring rolls, candied fruits, scallion pancakes, and so much more just makes your mouth water as they pop into your head. Shanghai definitely has a lot of unique food and cuisine, so knowing what to buy as you’re walking down the street is definitely a sign you are from Shanghai.

3. Shared Love For Bubble Tea

Anyone who grew up in China loves a good drink of bubble tea, and knows where to buy the best ones. This twist on the classic tea drink has become a Shanghai tradition. With it’s smooth finish, perfectly balanced tea and milk, the right level of sweetness, and chewy tapioca bubbles, this drink is honestly a classic. For anyone whose from Shanghai, this one has got to be a favourite.

4. When you first reaction to needing anything is Taobao

If you have lived in Shanghai, you know that it is the vibrant city centre hub. So of course, you have probably experienced the speed and ease of using Taobao for each and every kind of shopping you might want to do. Delivered quickly and straight to your door, this online shopping system has everything you cold possibly want at an affordable price. All those who are from Shanghai will know the saying “there is only what you can’t think of, there is nothing you can’t find on Taobao.” You are from Shanghai if you relate to this!

5. Rich soy milk for breakfast…

Everyone who’s from Shanghai will know that a nice serving of soy milk is an integral part of your traditional Shanghainese breakfast. Whether you like it sweet its honey or salty with scallions, hot or cold, this is definitely a classic that a true Shanghai grown person will be familiar with.

6. The polar temperatures

Another key feature about being from Shanghai is the thick skin you must’ve developed from the polar temperature differences in winter and summer. Hitting a scorching high of 40 degrees celsius in the summer, and dropping to a low of up to minus three during winters, a thin skin is an essential. You are from Shanghai if you relate to this!

7. No wallet life

If you’ve lived in Shanghai for a long time, you must be used to having the option of not carrying around your wallet around. Alipay has made it the easiest thing to make payments for anything on your phone. Just a quick scan and voila!

8. Time travel with TV shows

Everyone who watches TV in Shanghai must be familiar with the TV shows set in the dynastic period of China. Whether its the Tang dynasty or the Qin dynasty, these TV shows are sure to suck you in. If you are from Shanghai born and bred, these period shows will hold a special place in your heart. They an be cheesy at times, but they’re still great to watch. You are from Shanghai if you relate to this!

You are from Shanghai if you relate to this list! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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