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5 Yoga Classes Near Edinburgh You Should Try

5 Yoga Classes Near Edinburgh You Should Try

Yoga is a great way to unwind and to keep fit, and luckily for me, the wonderful city of Edinburgh has a multitude of amazing yoga classes.

Yoga is my favourite way to unwind from the stress of my busy university life, and lucky for me Edinburgh is full of incredible Yoga Studios and amazing yoga classes.

Yoga is my favourite kind of exercise, it is something that I have practiced for roughly 6 years. Typically, I tend to practice yoga from the home, which is something that I highly recommend doing, particularly for beginners, for teaching you what yoga really is about. Yoga is also my favourite way of staying in shape, I find that it keeps me feeling fresh, in connection with my body and my joints feel incredibly relaxed.

Yoga classes are a great way to deal with post library session aches and pains in your joints, which are an inevitable biohazard of sitting at a desk all day. I also fully advocate for learning about mindfulness and breathing. This is something which all students benefit from, as it is a great way of dealing with stress and with anxiety.  The innumerable health benefits of yoga, from the spiritual to the physical, are why it is an essential part of my exercise routine. It benefits agility, mindfulness and keeps your joints feeling limber and ready to go.

Medowlark Yoga

Situated just next to the beautiful Edinburgh meadows, Medowlark is easily one of the best yoga studios in Edinburgh. It is very highly regarded, and it’s proximity to the Edinburgh meadows means that before you attend a yoga class here, you are instantly feeling tranquil and connected to nature. The staff are also incredibly friendly, and the yoga classes radiate a spiritual and tranquil energy, ensuring that you will have the perfect class.

Tribe Yoga

Tribe Yoga has 3 venues in Edinburgh, with one being by the University, so Tribe Yoga is a perfect place to do yoga that fits in with the busy schedule of a university student.

5 Yoga Classes Near Edinburgh You Should Try

Edinburgh University Yoga Society

The Edinburgh University Yoga Society is my favourite yoga class in the city. You pay only £5 membership for the year with the Edinburgh University Yoga Society, with only £3 for yoga classes (although this does sometimes vary), so this is easily the cheapest yoga that you will find in the city, making it perfect for yoga on a student budget (although it is only available to students. There are many different classes throughout the week for many different ability levels, so much like the University gym, this is a perfect opportunity to release the tension of the busy university experience in a short but sweet manor, without having to go too far out of your way.

5 Yoga Classes Near Edinburgh You Should Try

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Soulshine Yoga

For me, the clue is in the name. Soulshine Yoga is a wonderful yoga studio in Edinburgh, which is incredibly high regarded, and the studio like the name, radiates spirituality, positivity and mindfulness. This yoga studio is very centrally located, and is nearby the beautiful Edinburgh meadows, so you can be immersed in nature and blossoming trees on the way to your morning yoga class.

Doing Yoga On The Meadows

Now, this isn’t technically a yoga class, but as I mentioned before in this article, the Edinburgh meadows are so incredibly gorgeous! Beautiful cherry blossoms surround them, and they’re one of my favourite places in the city. With trees and flowers as far as the eye can see, could there be a better spot to practice yoga in the city? Download a yoga work out, and go by yourself and with a friend. You will feel at peace with yourself and with nature in no time.

5 Yoga Classes Near Edinburgh You Should Try

What are your favourite yoga classes in Edinburgh? Let us know in the comments!

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