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The 5 Worst Deaths From Game Of Thrones

The 5 Worst Deaths From Game Of Thrones

What is Game of Thrones good for? Killing people terribly! Here we delve into some of the worst deaths of all 8 seasons, and reminisce the beauty & sadness of this. GOT can really break your heart one day, and the next have you cheering at the screen, so let’s get started.

1. Ned Stark (The OG)

Ned Stark, the honourable man, a man you couldn’t really hate. When he was beheaded in Kings Landing in front of everyone, including his two daughters, it was heartbreaking. Heartbreaking for those that had learned to love the Starks for their consistent honorability and loyalty. The beheading of Ned Stark was just the beginning of the downward spiral of GOT writers preparing us for the worst deaths that we wouldn’t even wish upon our worst enemies. Poor Ned, just wish he lasted longer. 


2. Joffery Baratheon  

The happiest day of most GOT fans lives was when Joffery Baratheonkicked the bucket. After himdisgracefully presenting Ned’s head to Sansa, and his unnecessary, vindictive yet cowardly attitude towards everything, it’s safe to say we all wanted him dead. Well, I hope! Watching him choke until his eyes were almost bulging out of his head, I mean it wasn’t pretty, but I am sure we were all praising the murderer afterwards. 


Nothing in life prepared us for the Red Wedding, not even Ned Starks death. Things were finally looking up for the starks, they were mostly staying alive, and then BAM. The Boltons, The Freys and the Lannisters had their way and completely obliterated the Rob Starks army, including Rob himself, Lady stark, and of course, Baby Rob & his new lady. Just like that, taken away whilst they were under the impression they were celebrating. Of course, Arya gave Lord Frey a taste of his own medicine. 


4. Oberyn Martell (A fighter)  

How can we forget this fight? It Is safe to say we had a strong feeling The Mountain was going to win, but for a split second we really were made to believe that Oberyn really had a chance. Then his skull was crushed, and there was just bloody brains everywhere. Absolutely devastating, but can we blame him for trying? The Mountain is soild, and most people would run the other way. Forget ‘get rich or die trying’ more like ‘take on the mountain and die a well-known LEGEND’ 

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5. Daenarys Targaryen

This was the least expected death of Season 8. Who wouldn’t known a passionate kiss with Jon Snow, after a war of killing innocent people could result into your death? The true heir killed his aunt, and it was the most powerful death of Season 8. The Mad Queen, defeated by the least expected person in the whole of Game of Thrones. Did we expect this? No. We were presented with the idea that their love was stronger than everyone else’s hatred, especially Sansa and Arya’s fury, but Jon does right by his family. The king that’s needed.


Game of thrones is not a programme for the weak, you gotta keep plodding on through those 8 seasons. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and people suck a lot of the time but it’s okay. I know you’ve gotta see your favourite people die, but that’s life baby. More importantly, that’s just Game of Thrones. You’ll love someone and two episodes later they’ve been killed and forgotten. But forever leave in our hearts… (I love you, Ned.) I hope that you agree with me when i say these are some of the worst deaths, if not, let’s chat.

Tell me below what you think! Let’s have a little chat about the worst deaths in G.O.T and cry about our favourite Stark men.

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