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8 Workouts For Lazy People That Will Get Anyone Up The Couch

8 Workouts For Lazy People That Will Get Anyone Up The Couch

Check our great list of workouts for lazy people if you aren't really feeling like going to the gym. These will get anyone up the couch - we promise!

If you are like me and are one of the laziest people on this planet, you probably don’t like going to the gym much. Or maybe, you’re so busy with your affairs that you simply don’t have time for a gym session. Or you just wanna save some money…

For me, personally, the hardest thing is to actually start is a workout. Obviously, if you force yourself to go to the gym you will have to start training, eventually. The question is, how do you motivate yourself to do some exercises when you’re at home? For a start, you could try matching it with your shower routine. If you’re rather sweaty and you really need a shower, it’s better to do your mini-workout then so the feeling of cleanliness can be even more satisfying. But anyway, let’s begin with our mini-workouts!

1. The Super Lazy Workout

I like using apps that have all sorts of workouts for lazy people. For example, the one I’ve been using recently is Workout for Women. They’ve got just the ideal short workout that contains shoulder stretch, trunk circle, high kicks and standing hamstring stretches. Do all of those for about 30 seconds each and on both sides (left and right).


2. The Morning Stretch

The reason why I like doing this one is that it’s quite good for the movement of the body, fairly easy to do and takes no time. What you have to do is a standing twist (just rotate your torso), arms stretch, trunk circle, stretch both of your legs (grab each foot with your hands from your backside) and just inhale and exhale.

3. The Bedtime Stretch

Much like the previous one, I enjoy doing the bedtime stretch. Not only it prepares your body for some good night’s sleep but afterwards, you feel incredibly relaxed. Again, you need to do an arm stretch, then stretch your triceps (obviously both left and right). Then do a trunk circle, pigeon stretch, a cobra pose and finish with a backstretch. Which is my favourite bit of the mini-workout, actually, I feel half asleep by the time I’m done with it, lol.

4. The Office Workout

If workouts for lazy people isn’t what you need and you’re actually trying to figure out how to stretch in the middle of your busy day, worry not, I’ve got you covered! Do small circles with your arms, like in the previous exercise, then some triceps stretches, some side bends, trunk circles, thigh stretches and a standing heel raise (use your chair for this one).


5.  Shape Your Legs

If you’d prefer to focus on an area like the legs, this one should be good for you. Do a side leg raise, both left and right. A standing hip circle, jump from side to side, some butt kicks, donkey kicks, lunge twists and finish it with some thigh stretching.

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6. Shape Your Bum

If what you wanna work on is your bum, then do some side kick squats. Afterwards, continue with hip thrusts, left and right donkey kicks and side lunges. Do the flying leg raise and some squats. For a finish, hold a squat for at least 30 seconds.


7. Shape Everything!

If you’re reading this article then you can’t possibly be such a gym addict that you’d be willing to do the toughest session of all the workouts for lazy people on this list. But if you do happen to be so motivated, do a butt kick, some squat jumps, a short plank, donkey kicks, leg crunches, side planks on both left and right sides and finish it off with the cobra pose and cat camel exercise.

8. My Own Mini Workout

What I like to do when watching a TV show or something is some squats, donkey kicks, butt kicks, flying leg raises and finish with the cobra pose and the backstretch (my favourite).

Hope you liked our ideas for workouts for lazy people. Go get that summer bod! Don’t forget to share your favourite moves with us below.

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