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10 Wonderful Pregnancy Outfits Worn By Meghan Markle

10 Wonderful Pregnancy Outfits Worn By Meghan Markle

Look back at Meghan Markle's best pregnancy outfits: discover the top 10 of her fashion sense of style - and get some inspo from her fabulous looks!

The Duchess of Sussex just gave birth to her little bundle of joy, and gives us a great opportunity to discuss her best pregnancy outfits. Meghan kept her signature style, mixing business-like garments or suits and princess dresses. She wore Givenchy, colourful maxi dresses, but overall privileged neutral and traditional colours such as black, navy, white or cream, probably due to her new royal status. Despite that, she managed to demonstrate her fashion skills, and years of red carpet experience.  Discover our top 10 of Meghan Markle’s pregnancy outfits!

1. Cream midi dress + blazer

When already in an advanced stage of her pregnancy, Meghan kept it cool and yet elegant with this cream midi dress wavy at the bottom that she matched with a blazer of the same colour. With her hair arranged in a nice and sleek bun, she is a picture of style with this discreet outfit.

2. Black skinny jeans + long jacket + heels

When she headed to  NYC for her baby shower, she opted for the old Hollywood style with the large cat eye sunglasses Audrey Hepburn- style. She wore a beautiful long jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans that she styled with a pair of nude pumps. She looks casually chic.


3. Glittery dress

Meghan showed the world that she is a true star by wearing a maxi glittery colour of the night dress. It looked fantastic and accentuated her but in a very cute and magistic way.

4. Wrap dress

The wrap dress is perhaps one of the best worn dresses by the Duchess of Sussex. Elegant and modern, she is chic. The wrap dress reminds you of the early 1900 old fashioned dresses with the buttons at the front. Except Meghan wears it in a modern way which includes the dress being short, and somewhat stretch.

5. Maxi black skirt + white blouse

She stunned everybody when she wore that outfit: the black maxi Givenchy skirt and the white blouse. This outfit is basically a duplicate of what you would wear to the office – the black pencil skirt, the white blouse and the blazer. She looks professional and chic.


6. Blazer + Black skinny jeans

In the early stages of her pregnancy, Meghan kept it cool with a casual-off-duty outfit familiar to a lot of us busy women – the blazer, the white untucked blouse, black skinny jeans styled with a pair of ballerinas or heels.

7. The checkered belted trench coat

Classic and quite unconventional for a royal, ooze the checkered trench coat. Meghan closed it with the belt showing her baby bump. She looks stylish, on duty and effortlessly chic.

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8. White turtle dress and matching coat

Meghan wore a lot of nude colours during her pregnancy, such as white, cream… she also matches her jackets with her dresses, which gives her outfits a very professional and humble outlook. She does not need to prove anything to anyone, and she demonstrates it through her style.

9. Black skinny jeans + Puffy coat + loafers

Not long after announcing her pregnancy, on a stroll with a very much in love Harry, she gave us a glimpse of what she wears off-duty. And it is quite minimalistic : she wears her favourite basic black skinny jeans with a pair of loafers and she matches it with a puffy coat. We can relate.

10. The belted dress

The Duchess of Sussex loves wears two types of dresses: the wrap dress, and the belted dress. She used that style to accentuate her baby bump, so that we could perceive the growth of her adorable baby Archie. Generally, the belted dress is ideal to wear when tall to accentuate your figure.


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