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10 Women’s Leather Cross Body Bags You Need To See

10 Women’s Leather Cross Body Bags You Need To See

Are you in search of women's leather cross body bags that add not only style to your wardrobe, but also function? We've rounded up cross body bags in both neutral and coloured tones for any occasion.

I love bags so much and I definitely have too many in my wardrobe! However, quality women’s leather cross body bags are hard to come by. I feel like they are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Here are some of my favourite bags I’ve stumbled upon while online shopping! I’ve included 10 womens leather cross body bags which are a must-see!

1) Faux Saffiano Cross Body Bag

This is a faux leather cross body bag. It’s small in size and square in shape. The nude colour and simple design make it perfect for any spring outfit!


2) Embroidered Cross Body Bag

This is one of the women’s leather cross body bags that sports a square dimension with a bright white hue. A bit bigger in size than usual but the studs and embroidery complete the design! Because of the white colour, you can wear it with any outfit winter or summer.

3) Clear Bag With Flowers

This women’s leather cross body bag is so unique! It’s a clear cross body bag with daisies on the front! Detailed and different, I would highly recommend.


4) Pink Studded Cross Body Bag

Another nude bag. Again, bigger in size as this one can even fit a book. The black detail and the silver studs add some va-va-voom to the bag.


5) Red Mini Buckle Up Cross Body Bag

Red! This mini version of a buckle up or briefcase type of bag makes me want to buy it and keep it forever because of its cuteness! I love the colour, the size and the design!

6) Onara Lattice Cross Body Bag

I like adding a pop of colour to my outfits once in a while. Especially yellow! This is not a bright yellow but rather a mustard colour with orange tints to it, which makes it super wearable.


7) Tiger Cross Body Bag

This pink cross body bag is pink and the material is suede. It is a simple bag with a simple design, except for the stud of a tiger. Pink is still wearable so don’t be intimidated by the colour!

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8) Pinstud Shoulder Bag

Nude pink bags are a must have for spring and summer as we wear lighter colour clothes. This one has gold studs on it as well. The chain matches the studs and it is a simple bag for everyday use.


9) Pink Darcy Floral Shoulder Bag

This is another one of the women’s leather cross body bags that rocks nude. It’s larger in size which helps if you want to wear it on your shoulder. The embroidered flowers make the bag much more stylish.

10) Yellow Micro Cross Body Bag

This little bag is so tiny! The colour is a vibrant yellow, a bit difficult to wear everyday but still a cute and happy colour for those sunny days! Because of its size, it fits only the necessary stuff so pack lightly!!


Which of these women’s leather cross body bags did you like the most from the above? Let us know in the comments!

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