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Women And Sex: Here Is Why We Should Talk About it

Women And Sex: Here Is Why We Should Talk About it

Women love sex and somehow society can’t accept that. It is important to walk about women and sex because it cannot be a taboo anymore.

We all agree that one of the worst enemies of society is stereotypes, and our society is full of them. We have stereotypes about race, about food, about gender, etc. When it comes to women and sex, well, we reach our peak. Where I come from there is a stupid saying for male and females: is it better to have a key that opens all doors or doors that can be opened with all the keys? The key is the male and the door is the female. This happens when a woman decides to stop dating and go casual. Because still today, there are people that believe that if a woman that enjoys sex and wants to have sex even if she’s not in a relationship, she is “easy”.

Women And Sex: Here Is Why We Should Talk About it


Society has created this big and outrageous norm: guys are praised for the sexual conquests, the more they have the ‘cooler’ they are. But when a girl does the same exact thing she is perceived as a slut.


It doesn’t take a genius to understand that is totally WRONG!

I want to share a secret with you: WE ENJOY SEX! We really do, as much as guys do. Society has prevented us from being more open about our sexual life, because: ‘You had sex with more than 20 people in the past year? Slut’.

Have you ever seen a movie where the girl who sleeps around finally meets a good guy? NOPE. But for sure there are tons of movies where the ‘fuckboy’ finds his perfect match, which is usually an innocent and sweet girl he chooses over his ‘bitchy’ girlfriend.


What about all the sex ads? When did you ever see a sex ad for lube, toys or condoms about women?

Time to change

As a young and growing society, we should support women to embrace their sexuality without being socially ‘slut-shamed’ for it. Maybe this will help men that still see women as some sort of forbidden fruit.

Women And Sex: Here Is Why We Should Talk About it


This distorted view of women and sex has created many issues and shaped every society to label every single thing we do or say, how we dress, how we walk, how we speak, etc… I’ve heard men saying that ‘she was looking for it’ only because she was wearing a tight skirt or a short dress. Yes, there are bad people in this world, however, people are shaped by society, rules and belief. We cannot do much about belief, but what about the rest?

Women and sex are two words that if associated together can create a lot of criticism.

‘Easy girls’

As a woman, I defend other women and I believe that women and sex is something worth talking about. As women, we need to speak up and make our voices heard.

We still call a girl ‘easy’ because she wants to enjoy her life with no strings attached. Why should we be ashamed to sleep with another person outside of something serious? Guys do that all the time and no one judges them, instead, they treat them like some sort of ‘hero’, whilst women get insults.

Women And Sex: Here Is Why We Should Talk About it

Who has never been in that phase of her life when you do not want to commit to a relationship but you also don’t want to give up on sex? What can you do?

Go casual.

Casual relationships can be a great help when you feel confused and you still want to enjoy sex. Girls usually feel judge when they decide to go casual, and they shouldn’t. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you just need your time to figure things out for yourself and having a casual relationship can help, without feeling like everyone’s judging you.

The truth is: women love sex too, whether it’s casual or serious, and you are no one to judge us!

Have you ever felt judged for your sexual choices? Tell us your story in the comments.

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