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10 Winter Makeup Looks Perfect For Any Holiday Party

10 Winter Makeup Looks Perfect For Any Holiday Party

Warm tones, deep lips, and lots of glimmer come with winter makeup looks. With it being holiday party season, you probably have more opportunities to get extra glammed up than usual. Here are 10 winter makeup looks you definitely should try for your next party or occasion!

1. A Touch Of Glitter

No matter what shadows you like to use the most, add a touch of (any color, preferably gold) glitter to your lid and under your eye for the perfect touch of drama.

2. Smokey Eye

Who doesn’t love a good smokey eye? Instead of going for the typical black look, try warm shades of brown and neutrals to get this pretty makeup look.


3. Cut Crease Eyeshadow

If you love to really stand out, the cut crease trend is the one for you! This look will definitely bring lots of attention to your eyes.

4. Shades Of Brown

The winter is the perfect time to blend all of the warm colors together. Complete a brown shadow look with a deep brown lip!

5. Green Shaded Shadow

Green eyeshadow is probably one of my favorite shades to play around with. This is the ultimate holiday makeup you have to try (at least once).


6. Red Glam

A little red glitter shadow is the perfect touch to your eyeshadow!

7. Dramatic Wing

Sometimes, it’s best to keep the shadow at a minimum. Instead, use your eyeliner and create a dramatic wing.

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8. Bold Lip

Probably one of the best shades to use for your lips during the winter season is a matte maroon shade.

9. Simple Red Lip

Again, if you aren’t into doing a lot of eyeshadow, you can keep things really simple and draw the attention to your lips with a bright red.

10. Purple Lipstick

Last, but not least, is the purple lip. Whether you have fair or tan skin, a purple lip always seems to look fabulous!

What are your favorite winter makeup looks!? Share in the comments below!

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