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8 Of Winona Ryder’s Best Outfits

8 Of Winona Ryder’s Best Outfits

You thought Winona Ryder was just a 90's style icon? Think again. These eight outfits are proof that her sense of style is as timeless as she is!

Winona Ryder is our 90’s style icon – or wait, is she 2016’s comeback queen?  Well, let me settle it for us all. Winona Ryder is both, and everything in between. Despite a fall from grace (re: a case of light shoplifting), Winona Ryder has come back into the mainstream to prove she’s still got both the acting chops, and the style to win our cold, dead hearts over. And these are eight of her best outfits to prove it to us all.

1. Down To Earth Grunge

When grunge was all the hype, Winona Ryder was out there showing us how to rock it. From the mom jeans, to the boots, to the leather jacket – this look is everything it should be.

We all wish we could be this cool, but we can’t all be Winona Ryder.


2. Heathers Chic

This school-girl look is the non-sexualised uniform we all hate to love, or love to hate. Whatever the case, this look is super cute and totally throws back to the ultimate weird girl movie, ‘Heathers’.

The blue skirt and blazer combo is a little business femme, and that charm necklace is quintessentially 90’s. Plus, ballet flats – who could ever forget the good ol’ ballet flat?

3. LBD

Who can go wrong with an LBD? Or a slightly longer, that ‘little black dress’?


Winona Ryder certainly doesn’t do much wrong – in fact, everything about this look is right. The structured dress is gorgeous no matter how fashion has evolved since the ’90s, and add to that the pixie cut?

It’s the perfect Winona blend of style and edge.

4. Stego-style

Yeah, the stegosaurus suitcase really makes this look. Also, the oversized jacket, the shirt, the socks bunched up around her ankles. Even the shoes – which, yes, look a little like dance shoes – but hey! It’s the 90’s.


This look is a grungy power suit we owe for all the grungy power suits of today. Also, maybe it’s time to bring back weird accessories – because that suitcase kinda rules.

5. 90’s Gatsby

This dress is the stunning glitter of a party dress. Sure the neckline isn’t in style or on trend these days, but you can’t help but take a second glance. She’s got those glamorous waves in her hair, the signature sheer shawl, and oh-so-90’s pouch for a bag.

Every time we see Winona Ryder in something other than black is proof she can do anything if she really wants to.


6. Pink On Pink

Did you need more proof that Winona can literally do anything?

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This pink dress is a bold colour, but with structure and satin added to it. Together, with a totally 90’s shawl, this look is one of her best.


7. Sequins Gown

Or sequin? Roxxxy Andrews never quite cleared it up for us.

And okay, it’s not really even a sequin dress, but it’s about the vibe!

This glittering dress is a white vision with some typical Winona style in the fringed hem. And once again, her short hair perfectly contrasts the standard for women’s beauty we can’t help but love the juxtaposition.


8. Black ‘n’ White

This, like all of Winona Ryder’s best outfits, has all the best things about her sense of style. It’s oversized, it’s a little butch, a little grunge. Seriously – Winona Ryder embodies some seriously gay energy here (and anywhere, if we’re being completely honest).

Everything from the hair, to the suspenders, to the open buttons – Winona Ryder really has a sense of style that’s never on its way out.

Which Winona Ryder outfit is your fave? Drop an opinion in the comments!

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