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Willowbrook Farm: Open Sundays In The Oxfordshire Countryside

Willowbrook Farm: Open Sundays In The Oxfordshire Countryside

If you're looking to take a step back from the city, then Willowbrook farm in Oxford is the place to do it! It's extremely relaxing, and is right in the country! Pet, play, and enjoy the animals and nature that Willowbrook has to offer!

When spring commences, I can’t help but crave the fresh, open air that often, around this time, encompasses acres upon acres of mesmerising beautiful greenery. Thankfully, I live in an area which is pretty quiet and generally quite serene, however if your daily life revolves around the hustle and bustle of the city (been there, done that, never again) it can make that yearning for a peaceful, village life probably reach a rather desperate peak. I speak for myself here; farms, quiet villages and just country life in general really sparks a whole other dimension of excitement, curiosity and imagination with me. If my introduction sounded like something you can relate to, then Willowbrook Farm in Oxfordshire is your next call for these spring and summer months!

The atmosphere at Willowbrook farm is absolutely amazing and may I add, so good for when you’ve spent a few months caught up in the noisy and often stressful city! I think I’ve rambled on for long enough, so let us take a look at what Willowbrook Farm has to offer to visitors, as their open Sundays and more!

Enjoy the farm and meet the animals

Duh, of course you’ll get to do that. Willowbrook Farm has a great reputation for its ethical standards when it comes to rearing their animals and ensuring they live the most organic, chemical-free farm life. Here you’ll find sheep, chicken, cows and turkeys, and you’ll also get the chance to walk around the fields, up the hills, down the hills, anything to enjoy the breathtaking, green landscape. Guided tours and talks and educational walks are available on open Sundays in the Oxfordshire countryside, which means that you’ll learn about and gain valuable knowledge on organic farming and natural, ethical rearing of livestock.


Willowbrook farm is one of the best places in Oxford!

Eat homemade food at their café

Since we all agree on the notion that there is nothing like our mothers’ home-cooking, we can agree on the fact that homemade food in general is just so special in its own right. Here, you’ll get to enjoy delicious, homemade foods – and best of all? Everything is healthy and organic. As a lover of food, reading about the Willowbrook Farm café is probably what got me the most excited about open Sundays in the Oxfordshire countryside, hehe.

Partake in workshops & demonstrations

Willowbrook Farm is very active when it comes to their workshops and seasonal activities. Here, you’ll have the chance to enjoy that first-hand farming experience, which I think is so cool. The best part about it is that you’ll be learning as you go along about ‘farming in the correct way’, so if you care about animals and ethical meat produce, you are sure to benefit greatly and it will also be a fun and great way to spend one of your Sundays in the breathtaking Oxfordshire countryside.


Willowbrook farm is one of the best places in Oxford!

Meet the Radwan family and help yourself to farm produce!

Yay, another chance to get more food (tehe). One of the loveliest things about these open Sundays in the Oxfordshire countryside, is the comforting simplicity and light-hearted spontaneity. The Radwans are the owners of Willowbrook Farm and the founders of the business. Meet them, have a chat, ask them questions and help yourself to as many bags of organic farm shopping as you desire!
Eco-camping on the farm

Honestly, everything about Willowbrook Farm is exciting, we’ve already established that as their open Sundays offer a vast range of fun activities and educational benefits.

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So, what about camping in the sunny, Oxfordshire countryside?

The farm offers an extraordinary get-away for families and friends, which allows for the chance to build your own tent and camp in the fresh, non-polluted outdoors. The nights here are perfect for stargazing, and the mornings and evenings are ideal for grassy walks and land exploration. There are also an interesting number of woodland species around, that include bird, deer, foxes and even badgers! (Knowing me, I’d probably go out for a walk at night just so I can spot one or two of them!)

You can also explore the surrounding whereabouts, which are filled with historic buildings and sites such as Manor House Ruins (located in their hamlet, Hampton Gay), and a brief 10 minute drive from the farm will land you near the monumental Blenheim Palace, the amazing Cotswold Wildlife Park, as well as a few exciting woodlands, footpaths and old-fashioned English villages.


Willowbrook farm is one of the best places in Oxford!

Willowbrook Farm will be open for eco-camping between April and September – so be prepared to get your farmer hats on! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to partake in something that is eco-friendly and ethical, and to help keep the environment clean, safe and sustainable.

Are you fed up of the busy, city life and desire a well-deserved break away from it all? Then Willowbrook Farm might just be all you need. 😉

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