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Will Ariana Grande Be Headlining At Manchester Pride This Year?

Will Ariana Grande Be Headlining At Manchester Pride This Year?

Every year each and every person waits for their favourite festival and Manchester Pride is no exception. Last year, Rita Ora headlined the Manchester Pride alongside Sigala and Nadine Coyle. This year however, it has just been announced that Miss Grande herself will be the headlining performer. Are you gagged? Because, i’m gagged! However, the clues were right in front of us and we didn’t even notice. Everyone had a incline that Ariana Grande would be headlining but, with no hard backed evidence it was all just rumours. Well, let the rumours uncover…


1. “We Are Planning A Special Show For Manchester”

When Ari announced her Sweetener world tour dates us Mancunian were desperate to know what she was going to do for her Manchester return. Was she going to come back at all?, Where would she perform? When would she perform? Our minds were spinning out of control. However, when the UK tour dates got released Manchester weren’t up there with the dates which left fans distraught and confused. Ariana soon took to social media to explain “Manchester is not on this initial list because we are planning a special show.” Is this indicating that she was going to perform at Manchester Pride all along or is there still another surprise for us? This could indicate both as she later goes on to say “We need a bit more time getting things together before we can announce that date but we are of course, coming and we love you.” Thoughts anyone?

2. Tour Dates

We should of knew she was going to headline pride from the day she released her UK tour dates! Ari performs in Amsterdam on the 23rd August, and then has a three day gap before travelling to Paris. And with Manchester Pride starting on the 24th, we can expect to see Ariana most probably on the Saturday, 25th August. Were we too blind to see what was right in front of us?


3. High-Costed Pride Tickets

Now, in recent events Ariana has took to twitter to apologise for the high cost price in pride tickets however, then explains how it’s got nothing to do with her. But, from a management side… From the moment pride tickets got released everyone in Manchester knew something strange was going on. Last year tickets were only £35.00 each. Yet, this year tickets have jumped up to £70.00 each! This couldn’t of been because of how popular it was last year. Or, maybe it is because Ariana’s there? In Addition, Pride management could say the increase of ticket prices is a result of the location pride is now taking place in Mayfield, which leads me onto my next point…

4. The Location

Pride used to be located in the centre of the gay village. The main stage would be in a car park next to Cruz 101 yet this year Manchester Pride will be moving to Mayfield. I mean, they don’t want Ariana performing on a small stage when the whole of Manchester is going to go and watch her. Am I right or am I right? On the other hand, Pride has gotten bigger every year and it does make perfect sense for management to move the performers to a different location as it is safer and there will be more room for everyone to enjoy themselves.

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4. Ariana’s Love For Manchester

It has nearly been two years since Ariana has visited Manchester since the Manchester bombing that happened during her Dangerous Woman tour back in May 2017. Miss Grande has always been honest with her feelings towards Manchester and she really wanted to do something special for us. She’s also let us in that she’s got more things to announce at Pride. I mean if we weren’t already excited enough! We just love the fact she’s finally coming back.

In spite of how good some of these rumours are, they are just fan based theories of why I thought Ariana was always going to be headlining Manchester Pride. I mean, even with us knowing all this she still managed to have us all shook.  All I can say is I am very excited to see her live and in Manchester again and we look forward to the summer. If you have any other theories of why you knew Ariana was always going to be headlining pride or even that surprise she is going to give us on the night of her performance. Then, make sure to comment below!

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