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Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Face For Beauty

Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Face For Beauty

If you are looking for ways to have the healthiest skin possible, as well as the confidence to go with it, here is why you shouldn't shave your face!

Shaving your face became a trend in the beauty community around last year, with people claiming that it made your foundation/concealer/contour go on smoother, gave you a youthful glow and exfoliated your skin, thus making it anti-aging. Multiple beauty Youtubers, Buzzfeed and even Jenna Marbles got involved, meaning this craze went truly viral, but there are actually some risks that come along with this trend. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t shave your face for beauty.

1. It Takes A Long Time – And Isn’t Really Worth It

Whether you’re using a men’s razor or dermablading your skin, shaving your entire face – and doing so carefully so you don’t get any nicks in your skin – is very time consuming. Also, because the skin will grow back, you will have to shave it again, as frequently as every day if you have particularly thick or dark hair. The result of shaving your face – smoother, apparently more exfoliated skin –¬† is really not worth the effort it takes when you could simply be using a richer moisturiser and a more intense face exfloiant. Plus, who wants to deal with stubble?

2. It Isn’t Actually Anti-Ageing

One of the main reasons people choose to shave their faces for beauty is because of the apparent anti-ageing benefits it has. The argument is that men appear to age slower than women, so shaving must have something to with it! This is actually not true at all – men age more slowly as their skin is thicker than women, and they have more sebum. This is definitely one of the reasons why you shouldn’t shave your face, I mean why bother right?


3. It Can Be Bad For Your Skin

When you shave, since you are dragging a blade over the sensitive skin of your face, this causes friction that can lead to irritation and breakouts. Since you’re removing a layer of hair, shaving can also make your skin look a lot more papery and thinner. Throw in a higher chance of ingrown hairs and you have the perfect recipe for damaged skin. Plus, if you exfoliate on top of shaving, all you will be doing is irritating your skin even more, thus causing even more breakouts, dry patches and other skin problems. This is a super important reasons why you shouldn’t shave your face!

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4. There’s Nothing Wrong With Peach Fuzz

Basically since razors were invented, people have been telling women that they have to be completely hair-free. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to be! Whilst yes, it may be tempting to shave your face after you hear countless Instagram beauty gurus talk about how ~soooo smooth~ their faces are after shaving, but ask yourself this – is it really worth sacrificing your time and potentially your skin’s health just so your foundation sits slightly better, when you could just invest in a primer instead? You have hair on your face for a reason, which is why getting rid of it can be so damn painful.


5. It Can Make You More Insecure

If you start shaving your face, it can be very difficult to stop, especially if you think your skin looks better sans peach fuzz. Because of this, this therefore leads to a cycle of constant vigilance¬† checking to see if you have any regrowth, ingrown hairs, or irritation that may otherwise compromise the perfectly smooth look you were going for. This study shows that three in four women who believe they have ‘problem’ facial hair continuously check it by touching it, and two thirds of women constantly check their facial hair in mirrors. By removing your facial hair, you risk putting yourself in this category as you will be checking to see if you have stubble. This is definitely one of the reasons why you shouldn’t shave your face! So, put down the razor embrace your natural beauty.

Have you ever shaved your face for beauty? Are there any other reasons why you shouldn’t shave your face? Let us know in the comments!

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