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Why You Should Move To London After A Heart Break

Why You Should Move To London After A Heart Break

Experiencing a breakup? Moving to London is the perfect remedy. If you move to London, you can reinvent yourself. The move to London is one you wont regret.

Being in your twenties can be a hard time for relationships. The young love phase wares off and breakups happen- leading to heartbreaks. During the time when you just want to crawl in bed and never move, make the decision to remove yourself from the place where you share several memories of you and your ex? London is the perfect place to re-invent yourself and start fresh; this is why you should move to London after a heartbreak.

In the city there are millions of people moving about. The constant movement is intoxicating and easy to get caught up in. There’s a beautiful feeling of anonymity in London. You can glide through the streets knowing there’s a good chance you’ll never see these people you pass in the streets again. You can prevent the embarrassment of your spontaneous moments of sadness.

London allows you to find yourself. The focus is solely on you, not who you are in a couple. If you feel like being the girl who walks around in heels and a dress, that girl can be you. You can become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. You can feel like the powerful independent person you are.


One of the main things to do when you move to a new city is find a job. Not just any job but a career you will love; something you can throw yourself into. This will have you waking up happy and excited every morning. The beauty of London is that there is tons to offer. There are several career options for every imaginable industry: fashion, film, investment banking, management, etc. Anything your heart desires is available

In London, there are hundreds of people out there who share the same passion as you do. Passionate conversations over coffee or a glass of wine are at your dispense. What better way to get to know people in London. Why wouldn’t you want to move to London with all it has to offer?

There are various social groups at your fingertips if you move to London; exercise classes and events take place in London every day. Do a quick internet search and a large list of events in your area will pop-up. This is bound to take your mind of your recent heartbreak and introduce you to like-minded people. Your weekly yoga class could introduce you to a new shopping buddy. Maybe your art class will introduce you to a new coffee pal. Before you know it, you’ll have a group of compatible friends.


When you’re finally ready to take the plunge back into the dating scene, London has a mass number of suitable companions. If you move to London, there will be several ways to meet a potential partner. Work place romances may seem like a bad idea, but for a few, it works fairly well. It’s a great way to meet somebody new. Although, try and date somebody in a different department. Make sure to check out company guidelines before taking the plunge!

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Somebody from your new social circle could be a great fit! If you share the same interest, they may know great places for the perfect first date. Tinder is constantly in use in London. Although some people use it for one night stands, long lasting relationships have come about from Tinder. Of course you could always meet somebody at a bar.


The beauty of moving to London are the multiple opportunities to meet people. Even if it doesn’t work out, the city is vast and you probably won’t have an awkward post-relationship run-in.

If you are experiencing a heartbreak and need to get a way, move to London. It’s a great place to start over and reinvent yourself, meet new people and learn to open your heart to new people. If all else fails, there are great streets to shop where you could find a new relationship: a fabulous pair of shoes or a stunning new dress.

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