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Why You Should Move To Brighton After A Heart Break

Why You Should Move To Brighton After A Heart Break

Recent heart break? Don't let that stop you! These are a few reasons why Brighton is the perfect place to move after a bad heart break.

Break-ups suck, but there’s a million and one reasons why you should move to Brighton to heal your heartbreak. Here are just a few of them.

1. Cute Dogs

Brighton has a disproportionately high number of dog owners, so if nothing but a doggy cuddle will cure your post break-up blues, then you can probably track down a friendly dog owner who’ll let you have a quick cuddle.

2. The Curve Room At Pryzm

The nightlife in Brighton is banging, as evidenced by the article 10 Clubs In Brighton You Need To Go To In Your 20s; but the curve bar in Pryzm is on another level. So strap on a pair of heels and dance away your troubles to the soundtrack of the 2009 charts. Everyone knows naughties R&B anthems are the ultimate break-up soundtrack – you don’t want no scrub.


3. Sprinkles Gelato

Eat your feelings with a big plate of their warm cookie dough, topped with one of 30 different ice cream flavours. Trust us, Sprinkles Gelato will satisfy you better than any boyfriend ever could.

4. Morocco’s

If sweet food isn’t your vibe, you can always induce a carb coma at Morocco’s. This family-owned Italian on the seafront offers some of the most delicious pizza and pasta in Brighton.


5. Strangers Will Come Up To You On The Street And Check If You’re Okay

People from the South of England generally get a bad rep for being cold and stand-offish. But Brighton’s not like that. If you’re having a post-breakup wobble in the middle of the street, it’s almost guaranteed that people will come up to you and check to see if you’re okay. They’ll also probably invite you back to their house for a cuppa.

6. Date Venues

When you’re ready to start dating again, dates in Brighton are awesome because there are so many cool places you can go to. For a more unusual date, explore the Laines, and stop off at Snooper’s Paradise. This antique shop/museum hybrid is full of crazy, kooky collectibles you can gawk at, and features a cute photo booth for you to document the moment with your new bae.


7. Two Universities

The University of Brighton and the University of Sussex means that the city is always full of young people, so you’ll never run out of people to swipe through on Tinder.

8. The Sea

There’s something nice about living by the sea. It gives you a free pass to Mr. Whippies and slurp slushies all day. Bonus points for all the cute lifeguards.


9. Accessible

Brighton is just a forty minute train journey from the capital, which has transport links to the rest of the world, so you’d never feel stuck or isolated here. Plus, it’s thirty minutes from Gatwick Airport, one of Britain’s best-connected airports. No excuse for not going on holiday!

10. Not One, But Two Tigers

Stockholm’s trendiest store, Tiger, has two store locations in Brighton! Isn’t Brighton lucky? The store sells a range of cheap, but super cute home ware, so you can decorate your new Brighton pad with pretty plates, mugs and nick-nacks, and throw out anything that reminds you of your ex.


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11. In Fact, Great Shopping Opportunities All Around

Topshop? Check. New Look? Check. Victoria’s Secret? Check! The Victoria’s Secret is fairly new, and everyone in Brighton is pretty excited by it. Retail therapy is actually proven to release dopamine in your brain, so head down to Churchill Square and indulge yourself.


12. The Sunsets

Sunsets are great for making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even better for Instagramming and making your ex jealous of your new life by the sea.

13. Gay Capital of the UK

If you’re feeling experimental after your break-up, or are looking for a new bae, then Brighton’s gay scene is just what the doctor ordered.


14. No One Cares How You Dress

Seriously. They don’t. People walk down the street in head-to-toe lycra, with glitter everywhere or in full-blown captain Jack Sparrow costumes on a Wednesday morning coffee run. So if you don’t feel like changing out of sweats for days on end- no-one will care.

15. You Can Re-Invent Yourself In Brighton

Because no one cares how you dress, Brighton is the perfect place to shake up your look and try something different. Always wanted to dye your hair pink? Now’s the time! Wearing floor-length velvet dresses everyday? Why not! Brighton is the most accepting and welcoming town you could ask for. Move to Brighton after a heartbreak and you won’t be looking back any time soon.

And that’s why you should move to Brighton after a heart break. Share your thoughts and any questions in the comment section below!
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