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Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Pyjamas and Sleep Naked

Here’s 6 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Pyjamas and Sleep Naked

ve you ever tried to sleep naked? Find out how sleeping naked can benefit your body and your self-esteem. So ditch the pyjamas!

Sleeping is definitely the best time of the day and I am sure that most people can agree on that, but I am sure that you had no idea that if you sleep naked will benefit your body and is the best way to go to sleep at night. 8% of people are already doing it so what are you waiting for? Here’s 6 reasons why you should ditch the pyjamas and sleep naked.

1. Better Quality of Sleep

Sleeping naked can help to keep your body temperature low, it regulates it without having to change to the temperature of the room and this can improve the quality of your sleep. This can also regulate the cortisol in your body, which is a steroid hormone that controls the body’s blood sugar, metabolism levels, blood pressure and salt and water balance. Often your cortisol can be high in the morning and if you have too much cortisol it can affect your behaviour and appearance, making you more stressed or anxious and causing frequent urination and high blood pressure. So not only does sleeping naked better your quality of sleep, but it can also improve your overall mood. If you hate early starts, then this might be just the right way to become more of a morning person.

2. You Might Lose Weight

Yes, I said it, you may lose weight by sleeping naked. When your body temperature is at a cool temperature your body is able to produce growth hormones and your metabolism speeds up throughout the day which in turn helps you too lose weight. Who would have thought that sleeping naked could be part of your diet regime!


3. Reduces the Risk of Fungal Infections

Sleeping in your pyjamas can cause bed sweats and hot flushes which is not good for your intimate area at all. The reason why is because it can increase the risk of fungal infections and bacteria migration, which we do not need to experience in our lifetime. Sleeping naked and underwear free is great for your lady flower to breathe and catch a minute or two to air out, which can also help to clear yeast infections as it stops the build-up of moisture, which is especially important during the summer and hot seasons.

4. Improves Skin and Hair

When your body produces sweat it causes the release of the growth hormone, melatonin, to get interrupted which works its best at night whilst you are asleep and this hormone is what keeps your hair and skin looking youthful and glowing in appearance. So, ditch the pyjamas for radiant skin and flawless hair and be prepared for the best beauty sleep of your life!

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5. Skin on Skin Contact

There is nothing better than the feeling of skin on skin contact. If your living with your partner, sleeping naked can be the exact bonding time you need. In fact it releases a hormone called oxytocin, often referred to as ‘the love hormone’, it helps to make you feel good about your partner and of course can lead to a more active and spontaneous sex life.

6. Confidence

Body confidence can sometimes be a challenging quality for some to grasp, but the first step to building body confidence and embracing your body parts may just be to sleep naked. It really is as simple as that, sleeping naked can help you to become more comfortable with your insecurities, build your self-esteem and make you comfortable in your own skin.

How does that sound to you, do you think you will try to sleep naked? Let us know in the comments down below!

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