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Why You Have Been Reading Your Zodiac Sign Wrong And How They Actually Work

Why You Have Been Reading Your Zodiac Sign Wrong And How They Actually Work

Why You Have Been Reading Your Zodiac Sign Wrong And How They Actually Work

Zodiac Sings can be confusing, especially for sceptic people. If you found trouble believing in the astral connection here is how I am going to change your mind.

As an astrologer, I can understand how people can perceive zodiac signs as a mumble jumble, since most horoscopes are general AF. What you need to understand is that your zodiac sign is like an iceberg. Beneath all that general information exists a birth chart. A birth chart is going to tell you how your personality will evolve throughout the years. It will explain how as a child you were really extroverted and why now you have anxiety around crowds, for example. In your birth chart, you will find twelve planets and seven houses.  These Planets and houses will guide you in your journey of self-discovery. I know it’s a lot, and most of them require a lot of study. Therefore, today I will introduce you to the essential planets and houses that can help you in your everyday life.

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The Rising

The Rising is your first house. The Rising is usually the perception you give people, it is also commonly known as people’s first impression of you. It rules beauty, manners and personal style! Sometimes, people identify so much with their Rising that they can feel connected to whichever zodiac sign is in this house. As your first house, the zodiac sign that rules it will have a very high and important role in your personality.

The Sun

The Sun is an accumulation of every house and planet. It is your core. Think of your birth chart as a quiz to find out which character you are! The sun is the result of that quiz, aka the character. This is what people ultimately know. Although, it is the core of your personality it is very important not to think of it by itself. Without the other houses and planets your Sun doesn’t make much sense.

The Moon

This is the planet you can blame for all of your mood swings. The Moon deals with your utmost personal and intense emotions. This is often the side of you only your relatives and really close friends see. The Moon deals with your sensitive side, the way you perceive emotions, the way you process and express them.


The Mercury

I think this is the planet that fascinates me the most. Mercury deals with your mind and communication, which means it pretty much rules what you think and say. It can explain why your ideals and convictions change so much or why you are so headstrong. It can also give you a perception of how other people view you when you communicate with them. Seriously research it! It can help you develop and better your communication skills.

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The Venus

The Venus is commonly known as the planet of love. Looking into the particular zodiac sign that rules it in your chart will give you insight on why you keep falling for fuckboys or why you can’t stop falling for that same type of guy! It can let you know exactly what attracts you in someone and let you avoid another horrible relationship. It will let you know how you are in a relationship and what are some things you need to work on while in one.


The Mars

The Mars, much like the god of war is known for ruling your anger and your more intense and explosive emotions/actions. Every time you want to rip off someone’s head off? That’s whatever zodiac sign you have in Mars. Every time you cry when you are angry? A combination of Mars and Moon. On a more positive side, when you put your Mars and Venus together it can give you your sex life! I definitely recommend checking it out!

The Pluto

Pluto rules your dark side. I usually like to describe it as the temptation that lives inside of you. Have you ever felt so tempted to do something you knew it was bad? But somehow your mind thought it would be reasonable to do so? That is your Pluto. Reading about it can literally take you on a walk on the dark side. Good luck! In all seriousness, I think it’s important to dive into it and find out more about yourself and how to control it.

Thank you sooooo much for reading my article!!! I hope you sincerely enjoy it! Let me know down below what your sun, moon and rising are and if you were surprised by anything on your birth chart!!!

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