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Why Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Is The Best Thing

Why Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Is The Best Thing

Wearing your boyfriend's clothes has way more benefits than you probably realize. We've compiled a list of some of them for you!

We all love borrowing our boyfriends clothes – whether this is his t-shirt to sleep in, his joggers to curl up in after a long day, or even one of his jumpers to perfect a cute, oversized look, we all agree that stealing your boo’s clothes is just one of the many perks of being in a relationship with them. This is why wearing your boyfriend’s clothes is the best thing.

They’re Super Comfy

If you want to get cosy, there is literally nothing better than wearing something oversized and baggy. Your boyfriend’s wardrobe is a treasure trove of oversized t-shirts, joggers, hoodies and jumpers. His big old t-shirt with the holes in plus a pair of leggings? Comfort central. His jumpers in the winter? Cuddly perfect. Basically, every piece of clothing in your boyfriend’s wardrobe is the clothing equivalent of a hug, so get stealing and relax in comfort.

You Look So Cute In Them

Oversized stuff is super in, and you can see why – no matter who you are, you will 100% look adorable when drowning in the fabric f a piece of clothing that is just too big. Whether you’re lounging around in his joggers and a t-shirt, pulling on one of his jumpers over jeans to create a cute yet hipster look, or just borrowing one of his t-shirts t wear as a dress, wearing your boyfriend’s clothes basically ensures that you will look absolutely adorable, no matter what. Plus, since oversized stuff is in this season, you’ll look super fashionable without the effort.


They Remind You Of Him Even When He’s Not There

This one is a little more sentimental, but it’s true. When you’re missing your boo, there is nothing better than to curl up in some of his clothes and remember him. Plus, if you’re really missing him, you can always snap a pic of yourself in his favourite t-shirt – he’s bound to reply telling you how cute you are, which means you’ll miss him a little less.

He Thinks You Look Sexy

Okay, let’s talk for a minute about the moment a guy sees you wearing one of his shirts. They love it! Let;s be real, it;s probably that their t-shirts sometimes only just cover your bum, but hey, who’s complaining? Another reason why guys think this is so sexy as it quite clearly shows off that you;re taken by him. He may as well write ‘back off guys, this one’s mine!’ on the t-shirt for how powerful those vibes are. Plus, he’s also probably appreciating how darn adorable it is to see you in his oversized things. He 100% appreciates you in his clothes as much as you like wearing them.

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They Smell Like Him

Real talk, when they put the effort in, boys smell amazing. I don’t know whether it’s their shower gel, deodorant, aftershave or a combination of all three, but they do smell super good. So, when your borrow your boyfriend’s clothes you have the added bonus of being able to smell an amazing smell all day. Also, if you’re missing your boyfriend, being able to smell something that smells like your boo can be super comforting and make your day just a little bit better. This is one of the best parts of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.

It’s So Convenient

If you’re over at your boyfriend’s place and you want something to wear, it is far easier to just raid his closet and take whatever you find home than staying cold. You know that whatever you find is going to be comfy, look cute on you and keep you warm so really it’s just the sensible thing to do. It’s also far easier to just pull on a big t-shirt or jumper over jeans and know that you’re going to look like a cool indie/hipster chick than trying to pick out the perfect outfit. With your boyfriend’s clothes, you have the perfect outfit, instantly.

What do you think is the best thing about wearing your boyfriend’s clothes? Let us know in the comments!
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