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10 Reasons Why The Riverdale TV Show Is Addicting AF

10 Reasons Why The Riverdale TV Show Is Addicting AF

10 Reasons Why The Riverdale TV Show Is Addicting AF

Netflix’s original shows have had a string of undeniable success that is got the rest of the world completely hooked, and Riverdale is no exception. The suspenseful modern gothic style coursing through this TV show makes it suspenseful and totally addicting. Here are my top 10 reasons explaining why Riverdale is so addicting you can’t stop watching once you’ve started.

Compelling characters
Characters of this show are unforgettable, and definitely a huge reason why this TV show is incredibly addicting. Each character is unique, and well rounded. Betty and Veronica, the blonde haired and raven haired best friend duo are perfect opposites. Yet they have both good and dark sides. Rich with characters that you will love and cry for through the ups and downs, the characters are a sure win for this show.
Of course, amazing characters on the show can’t be amazing without the right people playing them. Each character on Riverdale is brought to life by the actors playing them, Betty’s perfect girl-next-door ponytail, Jughead’s rugged broody style, Cheryl’s fire red lips with red hair to match, and Josie’s angelic voice expertly come to life. Each character is made more compelling and makes this TV completely addicting.
Costume and makeup
Every single detail, down to the last bit of costume and makeup in the Riverdale TV show is perfectly designed. Who else would kill for the wardrobe on Riverdale? Cheryl’s epic and iconic red or cherry themed clothing, Josie’s soft punk chic, Veronica’s New York couture, and Archie’s classic blue and yellow letterman jacket go the extra mile to bring the characters to life. The amount of attention paid to costume and makeup definitely makes us thirst after their wardrobe, but also makes the TV show super addicting.
Gothic overtone
Riverdale is the epitome of the modern gothic. With overt gothic overtones of haunted houses, withheld secrets, murders, and reveal of secret identities, this TV show has you on the edge of your seat with suspense and mystery. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, Riverdale has viewers sucked into the lives of the show.
Songs, singing, and music are a great part of Riverdale. From covering songs, to writing original music, the great music this show features adds that extra element of originality and fun to the TV show. Who doesn’t want an addicting TV show that you can jam out to as well?
Riverdale is driven by a string of mishaps and murders that happen in the small town it is set in. Each and every villain presented in the TV show is very much human, and the core of the show never deviates from human evil. Not only this, but each character of the TV show is well rounded: both good and bad. The human way in which they are crafted and presented allows them to connect with the viewers and invest in them fully.
Riverdale has completely captured the quiet small-town the story is set in. Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe is the ultimate icon of Riverdale. The neon red lights, the indulgent milkshakes, and the greasy burgers, highlight the heart of Riverdale. The series of sinister events that take place in the show also emphasises the dynamic of the small-town as people come together to grieve and cope. The setting adds unforgettable elements that makes this TV show addictive.
The cinematography used in Riverdale does the work of balancing the light and the dark. Each colour and each shadow the cinematography builds the atmosphere and mood, allowing the plot unfolding to be a visually beautiful experience.
Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe, River Vixens’ cheerleading uniforms, blue and yellow letterman jackets, and Blossom’s Thronhill mansion come together to create the unforgettable aesthetics of Riverdale. This gothic yet modern show is brought to life with the iconic and unforgettable images that create the aesthetics of an impossibly addictive show.
Riverdale fans know their diehard ships this show expertly produces. Bughead and Choni are ships that the fanbase lives and breathes for. Definitely another reason why Riverdale is so addicting is because it crafts relationships that viewers wants to root for and become invested in.
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