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Why Taylor Swift Is Our Role Model

Why Taylor Swift Is Our Role Model

Taylor Swift is a role model to children and adults all over the world, myself included. Here is a list of reasons why she is a true role model.

Taylor Swift is a role model for a lot of young women and men out in the world. She’s responsible for this through her music and her lifestyle; she isn’t your regular pop star. Find out why Taylor Swift is our role model by reading on.


She’s smart, and not just because of her ability to hide clues in everything she posts on social media. Taylor is also a mastermind when it comes to song lyrics and knows just the right words to say. She has a creative mind and isn’t afraid to speak now. When it comes to boys, she’s smart enough to leave before it gets ugly and can make the press go wild about her.


Never have we ever seen Taylor Swift walk down a red carpet in a thong or see through dress, unlike most celebrities now a days. She has an elegant style and isn’t afraid to be herself. It’s brave to be yourself in a world that tells you to be someone different. She’s also classy when it comes to break ups; instead of bad mouthing the men she has been with, she will write songs about them and make us and them guess who it’s about.



When Taylor wrote Blank Space, she was trying to get the media’s attention and tell them that they were wrong about her. She’s sassy about a lot of things, especially Kanye. The two of them have been friend enemies for a long time and Taylor thought they were on the right track. But then Kayne wrote a song about Taylor and made a naked video based on her. She was sassy enough to post on social media and write a song toasting her “real friends.”


Taylor doesn’t need a man to be there for her and look after her. She can take care of herself and she even moved to New York alone when she became successful. She has lived alone (with her cats Meredith and Olivia of course) and has done well in her music career. She has a lot of close friends in her “gang” and isn’t afraid to show her true colours anymore. She died her hair and went through a goth stage, but people still loved her for it.

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Taylor isn’t afraid to show her emotions when it comes to music writing. She has written so many tear jerking lyrics and has cried multiple times on tour, trying to get through the most meaningful of songs. Taylor isn’t afraid of what people will think of her music and wants to be honest with how love and loss feels.

Taylor also recently voted in the election and wasn’t afraid to tell us who she voted for. She wanted to help others have a better life in America and encouraged a lot of different people from various backgrounds to vote.

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