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Why Sexual Topics Can Be Difficult To Talk About As A Woman

Why Sexual Topics Can Be Difficult To Talk About As A Woman

Sexual topics can be incredibly difficult to talk about for women, for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Sexual Topics can be difficult to talk about as women, due to a variety of factors. Society, media,  and culture to name a few, where men and women are treated and shown incredibly differently. These different factors influence the way people view and discuss Sexual Topics, and the impressions they give others on a purely prejudicial basis.

Social Acceptance

Firstly, it is not as socially accepted for women to talk about sex and Sexual Topics. While men in films are shown and encouraged to talk about Sexual topics from puberty throughout their adult lives (albeit it in an often negative way which has an effect on the personal emotional development of men), women are more often shown to discuss the emotional side of relationships. When they do discuss sex they are shown as being different from all other women and they stand out, often negatively.

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Sexual education is poor, and while it is getting better over the years, women have often been simply encouraged and told to say no to sex. This means that women and others don’t have a proper outlet to discuss and learn about Sexual Topics, making it more and more difficult to talk about.

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Personal Information

It can be difficult to get intimate with people, and discussions about sex can be incredibly personal. This is just on a personal level between a couple, and is even more so when more widely discussed. In theory, no one needs to know about your personal life except you and those you are intimate with, and so too avoid oversharing or feeling embarrassed many women will avoid talking about Sexual Topics.

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Double Standards

Societies double standards prevent women from talking about Sexual Topics.  As a woman, if you talk about and have lots of sex then you are labelled a slut. Women are forced to accept and take on this label to stop themselves being hurt by it. Being labelled something simply for enjoying yourself and doing what you want with your personal life if outrageous. So long as no one is getting hurt it is no one else’s business, yet it causes women to keep quiet about these Sexual Topics to avoid this kind of judgment.

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Double Standards

On the flip side, if you don’t want to talk about sex, or don’t have sex, then as a woman you are often labelled frigid. People are made fun of for getting embarrassed about discussing Sexual Topics and generally not being open about it, especially in the lifestyle of increased sexual freedom that occurs particularly around young adulthood (such as around university age). Double standards mean that women are negatively labelled whether they have lots of sex or whether they don’t.

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The Rumour Mill

Talking about personal and intimate sexual details can be stressful because it can turn into something bigger. It may be a casual conversation between friends but the nightmare is for this to get out and for rumours to be spread. To avoid this people, and women especially, will keep shtum about the whole Sexual Topics.

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Relationship Conflict

It can be difficult for women to talk about sexual desires and satisfaction. Women tend to keep quiet in relationships about their enjoyment of sex, for a variety of reasons. It can be awkward, embarrassing, and it can cause conflict and disruption in relationships. People don’t like to hurt someone else’s feelings, especially a loved one, and so they will settle for less, harming their own relationship with sex in order to protect someone else’s feelings.

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Do you find Sexual Topics difficult to talk about as a woman, and do you agree with these points or have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments below.
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