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Why Rory Gilmore Is An Inspiration To Young Women

Why Rory Gilmore Is An Inspiration To Young Women

If you're a fan of the Gilmore Girls, then you definitely know who Rory Gilmore is. Here's some reasons why she's such an inspiration!

If you loved Gilmore Girls and especially Rory, then here are the reasons why Rory is an inspiration to young women everywhere.


Rory always wanted to go to Harvard (she decided upon Yale instead) and that’s always been her dream. She takes studying very seriously and won’t give herself a break. While she might be deemed a nerd by friends, she’s still determined to get into a good college.

She also prioritized staying where she wanted so she could find a job she loved instead of moving in with Logan and getting married. Her commitment to her studies and career is inspiring to young women everywhere.


Independent and Intelligent

Rory has always put her grades before petty things like being pretty and every young women should aspire to do the same. Boys will come and go and what matters is on the inside, not outside. She keeps her eye on the prize and doesn’t quit her dream (apart from dropping out of Yale once…).

She’s also very independent and likes to know what the next step in her life is going to be. She knows what she wants and she’s not scared of pursuing her dreams.

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She’s Realistic

In Gilmore Girls, the portrayal of what college is like is very relatable for anyone going through education and the emptiness is can bring. Rory goes through a whirlwind of emotion but she keeps on track nevertheless. She completes Yale, graduates and starts immediately looking for jobs. Her and her mother want the summer for themselves but realistically, if something comes along, you have to take it, especially if you’re an aspiring journalist.

She’s All About The Books

Now, we’re not saying you can’t go have fun on a Friday night with your friends and party like no one is watching. But some of us bookworms would rather stay at home with a large mug of hot chocolate, a blanket and some books. Rory is inspiring to young women everywhere because not everything is about partying and acting like a child. She’s mature and she’s well read.

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