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10 Reasons Why Moving To Another Country Makes You Head Strong

10 Reasons Why Moving To Another Country Makes You Head Strong

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Moving to a country that is completely different from your home town or the one you grew up in can be a very difficult decision to make. When packing all your belongings to face a new adventure, you never know exactly what to expect. Generally, fear and uncertainty can make you doubt about your choice but there are many reasons why you should make the choice to move to another country, whether for a short time or for a long period of time. Spending some time away from your comfort zone will make you stronger, both physically and mentally. Here are 10 good reasons why moving to another country for a while is definitely a brilliant idea.

1. Learn a new language

When it comes to languages, you can’t learn one completely until you have spent some time with native speakers or in a local environment. It is great to start learning and picking up the basics of a language from textbooks or short courses, however moving directly into a city is the fastest way to pick up the slang, accents and customs. Definitely something you wouldn’t be able to pick up from a language text book.

2. Go beyond your comfort zone

Moving to another country is not an easy thing to do. It is not just about the funny side of travelling and having fun on a holiday. Moving away from your home, friends and habits means exiting your comfort zone and facing new personal challenges. Getting out of your habits can be difficult and sometimes scary, but it will make you head strong for the rest of your life.


3. Discover yourself

Another reason why moving to another country is positive for you is that the time you spend away from your day to day life will help you discover new aspects about yourself. Perhaps before taking the big step to move to another city, you were known to be a shy person or someone who always needs the approval of friends and family, however moving to another country can make you realise that you are good and strong on your own.

4. Meet new people

Meeting new people every day and making new friends is a positive reason to travel into another country at least once in your life. Whether for studies or in search for a job, nothing can compare the number of people that you’ll meet every day. Some will help you in the moments you need the most, others will become your closest friends unexpectedly.

5. Learn to embrace a new culture

A new country means a new culture, different from what you have been used to all your life. Moving to another country at some point in your life will enrich you, with different cultures and customs you were not used to before. If you spend more than a year in a different country, you will even feel identified with your new country and will proudly define it as your second home.


6. Be more flexible and open minded

Moving to a different country definitely makes you more flexible in different areas of your life. Intellectually, you learn new things about a country’s culture and people. Physically, you learn how to survive on you own and take care of yourself, sentimentally you will learn how to be happy as a single or will have time to reflect on your past relationships and what went wrong. Overall you will become more flexibility and an open mind when you move to another country.

7. Be Emotionally stronger

When you travel to another country, where you don’t know anyone and where you need to familiarize with a new lifestyle and culture, it can be emotionally draining. At first, the moments of loneliness and frustration can be endless, but these will make you a stronger person once you return home, if you ever decide to go back home.

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8. Develop interpersonal skills

Travelling provides good interpersonal skills that you will carry with you your entire life. It will proof to anyone who meets you that you are a strong person who is always keen to face new challenges

9. Value family and friends

Spending some time away can also help you realize how much friends and family mean to you.

10. Discover new tastes and habits

The food. Yes, moving to another country also means discovering new tastes and flavours.


Have you ever thought of moving to another country? Let us know in the comments section below!

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